Nimki Mukhiya 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tunee brings Nimki to election nomination office

Nimki Mukhiya 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Doctor checks Nimki’s foot and says its small sprain, Nimki says I thought i would have cool plaster. Doctor says just dont walk for two days. Nimki says I have to go to file for nomination for elections but I cant strain my foot, how I will get married then? Nahar says this cant happen, Ram we spent money, she has to file papers, Tunee says I will take Nimki there.

Grandma says to Babbu that I can hit with gun target. Babbu gives her gun, she points at Dayya and shoots near his feet. Mai asks Dayya what happened with Ram? Dayya says Ram didnt come and denied Babbu’s request. Rekha says its Dublo’s work thats why this is happening. Mai asks Babbu to go and teach lesson to Ram, he leaves.

All chant for Nimki. Nahar says to Ram that Tettar shouldnt know

that you are with me so you take Nimki to file for nomination. Nimki sits beside Tunee’s bike. Dhol is played for her. Nimki dances, all villagers are dancing with her.
Tunee brings Nimki to election nomination office, all are chanting for her. Nimki sits on seat and is taken to Abhi’s house. Manager asks what is all this? Nimki says give me nomination paper. Manager asks everyone to leave. Nimki says let my brother sister remain here. Manager asks everyone to leave and let her file papers. Manager asks Nimki to put thumb on her papers. Nimki says I know how to sign, I even made Abhi select the best one.
Nimki says to manager that I am BA pass. Manager says I know as I asked teacher to raise it but you have to put thumb here. Abhi comes there and says please apply thumb here. Nimki says if I had to use thumb then I wouldnt have studied, I will change these rules. Nimki applies thumb, he asks her to sign now. Nimki says it says that I am 12th standard pass, Abhi says your BA result didnt come out, Nimki says no, I want BA pass here. Abhi shouts enough, if you dont want sign papers then leave. Nimki scrambles and signs fast on papers. Abhi says her nomination is filed. All clap.

Tettar gets call from election cell. He ends call and says to Ritu that some Nimki filed papers for elections. Mai says she is Ram’s daughter, the one who showed ego to Dayya. Sweety says he didnt come on Babbu’s order. Mai says he will get lesson, Tettar says what? Diamond says Dublo wanted him to sign on papers and Ram denied. Tettar says Dublo’s business is going to burn my work. Ritu says she have filed for nominations, if Babbu does something in her house then it will be election commission’s matter not only police.

All are at Nimki’s house. Abhi says there should be photo of this moment. He takes photo of Ram’s family, Tunee forcefully includes himself. Nimki says now my and Abhi’s selfie, Ram smiles. Abhi takes selfie with her. Tunee says no selfie with me? he goes to give money to dhol people. Abhi says I should leave but Nimki says stay for dinner.
Babbu comes outside Ram’s house. Ram meets him, Babbu says you didnt come on my order? did you forget your standard? he asks him to put thumb on papers. Ram asks what is all this? Dayya says Dublo is opening agency and that property is you.. Mauha comes there and sees Babbu there. Babbu says just put thumb and you will get money. Mauha comes to Nimki and says Babbu has come, Nimki gets excited and says he must have come to congratulate, she tries to stand but falls, Abhi holds her and asks her to be careful. Nimki says let me meet him. Ram says to Babbu that I cant give this property, I only have this. Dayya says how dare you say no to Babbu? Dayya grabs Ram’s collar. Babbu is there too. Dayya says how dare you say no to Babbu? Nimki comes there and says leave his collar, Dayya doesnt. Nimki slaps him hard. Babbu is stunned. Nimki says listen to me carefully, how dare you touch my father? he is elder so respect him, you even tore his collar, you could have talked first, she grabs Dayya’s collar and says dont you dare, who the hell are you to talk infront of Babbu? you are no one. Babbu tries to go to her but Abhi stands infront of Babbu and glares at him.

PRECAP- Babbu says to Ritu that dont try to interfere in Dublo’s matter otherwise remember you run mind and I run guns. All are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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