Nimki Mukhiya 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki prepares for pooja

Nimki Mukhiya 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dumri comes to Ram and says you have so much fever? Mauha says you were heating up. Ram says I have to take car to Abhi, he has to check jhat pooja preparations. Nimki says I told everything to Abhi and his manager took car too. Tunee brings doctor there. Dumri cries and says dont know why he has so much high fever. Doctor says your husband is fine. Nimki says dont say rubbish, she is not my father’s wife. Mauha is putting wet clothes on Ram’s head. Tunee says to doctor that he has high fever so give him big injection, do whatever you want. Mauha says Nimki see what rubbish he is saying. Doctor says he has viral fever but medicine will make him, he has to take rest. Ram says I fast every year, doctor says dont fast this time, he leaves. Mauha says to Ram that if we needs

things for pooja then Nimki will go and bring it, Ninki reluctantly agrees.

Tettar says to Babbu that Mai was very happy with photo your brought. Ritu comes there and says we have to distribute pumpkin sweets in village. Ritu says to Tettar that I have to talked to another party’s politician Madhav but what he changes side too? Tettar says we can kill him. Babbu says we will show him our strength and if he doesnt agree then we can kill him. Tettar says I dont care about Nimki or killing anyone but only we will get power.

Nimki comes to market with Tunee. Nimki says there is so much crowd here, Tunee shows her list of things they have to buy, they start start buying, she gives everything to Tunee to lift it, she says I am tired, he says but I am holding everything, Nimki says you are looking like hero. Tunee blushes. Nimki comes to veggies seller and asks her to sell pumpkin, she says I have sold all, I dont habe pumpkin, Nimki finds pumpkin she is hiding behind her stall,. Tunee says do you know who she is? She is Nimki who is going to become head of village. Nimki says I will take action against you. She says no take it, she gives them pumpkins, Nimki gives her money and says vote for me.

Dublo is checking decorations for Mai’s birthday. Grandma says we celebrate her birthday more than her parents must have done it. Mai says fine then leave it, dont celebrate it. Babbu says we have brought cake too, we will celebrate pumpkin sweets in whole village. Diamond comes there and says Dayya called and said there is no pumpkin left in market. All are tensed.

Nimki and Tunee brings veggies home. Nimki says see I have brought everything. Ram checks it and says start preparing for pooja, I have to fast. Mono says you dont have to fast, Dumri says someone else can fast instead of Ram, Nimki says Dumri can fast, you can come closer to Ram this way, Dumri says my husband is coming today. Nimki says you changed sides as your husband cameback? She angrily leaves, all laugh.

Mai says they dont even have pumpkins for sweets. Tettar says Dayya will bring it. Dublo says I can start business of pumpkins, Rekha says you said that for fire crackers on diwali too, useless ideas. Mai says shut up, he is your husband. Babbu asks Mai to calm down and we have brought cake from Pune too. Grandma says if anyone is preparing for jhat pooja? Mai says grandma will have peace after killing me.

Nimki says to Ram that Mauha is ready to fast. Ram says parents fast for kids in this pooja. Nimki says I guarantee you that we will be fine. Mauha says you dont have to fast. Ram says your Mai used to fast for you all. Nimki gets angry and goes in room. Mauha says she left so end this chain, Ram says she wanted to continue this chain. Nimki hears it and says I will fast, Mono says you? She says yes. Mauha says because Mai used to fast? Nimki says no because Ram fast for us too.

PRECAP- Babbu gets angry on Dayya and says someone took car infront of your eyes and you dont know anything? question is who took our car full of pumpkins? who has this much guts in this area? Tettar looks on.
Abhi is driving truck filled with pumpkins and whistling.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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