Nimki Mukhiya 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki brings Elena home

Nimki Mukhiya 9th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki asks Abhi if he is feeling fine? Abhi says where is my phone? Nimki says why you need phone? abhi says does my phone have recording of Nahar? Nimki says you were shot, you should be worried about yourself. Abi asks her to take recording to police, you need that recording, where is it? Nimki says I will bring Aunt and Elena, Abhi keeps asking for recording.
Tettar and Ritu comes to Aunt and asks where is Nimki?
Nimki says to Abhi that they deleted recording from your phone and I deleted it from my phone, I dont have any proof. Abhi gets up angry and says why did you delete? you dont care about anyone, he breaks his drip and his wound starts bleeding. Nimki rushes and brings doctor there, doctor says to family that we have to take him to Patna now. Ritu says yes he will

get treated there nicely. Tettar says we will arrange for for it, Nimki says yes we will take him to Patna, I will go with you all, he asks Ritu to bring her clothes, I will go in Ram’s car. Ritu says they can go to Patna. Aunt says yes we can take care of him. Nimki says no you cant handle him, I am going with you. Aunt says we are all here, you are a daughter in law of someone, you go home. Nimki says this all happened because of me. Elena cries and says papa have to wake up. Tettar says you cant take this girl to Patna, she is not fine. Nimki says Elena will live with me, inlaws house is my house too, Tettar doesnt have a problem with it. Tettar is tensed but says Elena can live with us.

Mai is angry on family, she throws clothes of Nimki away. Rekha says Tettar said that Nimki will live in Babbu’s room from now on. Diamond says Abhi’s daughter is coming so Nimki have to stay in Babbu’s room. Mai says we wont leave our cast for Abhi’s daughter. Tettar comes there and asks servant to keep Nimki’s clothes in Babbu’s room. Mai asks if he has gone mad? Ritu asks servant to put Nimki’s clothes in Babbu’s cupboard, Mai stands on Babbu’s door and asks Tettar if he knows what he is doing? Tettar says I do everything after thinking, he asks grandma if she is fine? she nods. Mai shouts that Tettar I am talking to you, Tettar glares at her, he grabs her arms and says my father said that if your wife takes your name then cut her tongue, Diamond says this is not right baba, Tettar slaps him and says Nimki is right, you have started talking too much. Ritu says you are a family so you should support us, he asks Diamond to go and help bringing her things. Diamond brings Nimki’s clothes. Babbu comes there and asks what is going on? Rekha says they are putting Nimki’s things in your room. Babbu says have you gone mad? Ritu tells him everything, Babbu says where will I live then? he asks Tettar why did he agree to it? Tettar says till Elena is here then Nimki have to stay in your room, you can come to my room when you want, Babbu says this house is not livable anymore, he angrily leaves. Mai says to Tettar that you are putting us down in that Nimki’s eyes. Tettar shouts that enough, no arguments, Elena is coming here, I dont want any problem to happen, we have lost our caste but we cant lose power.

Elena and Nimki comes to palace. Elena is happy to see palace and says its so big. Jhariya says yes its 100 years old. Nimki asks him to bring their things. All women look from balcony. Ritu welcomes Elena. Nimki greets Mai and asks how is she? she asks grandma how is her back? Ritu asks her to come inside. Nimki starts going to back of house. Elena says main gate is here. Nimki is tensed.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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