Nimki Mukhiya 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki and Mai have cold war

Nimki Mukhiya 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki comes to palace door and says I will come for breakfast too. Mai asks her to be out of house, Nimki says I have to eat too. Sweety says you will eat with men of house? Nimki says I used to eat with whole family.Mai says this is not your house, men eat here before first, Tettar tell her. Tettar says to Nimki that its our ritual, men eat first then ladies eat. Nimki says I dont like this ritual but I will eat later as I am daughter in law of this house, its okay. Servant brings her favorite veggie dish, Nimki says wow. Tettar murmurs she is destroying the mood. Nimkio asks who makes food in this house? Sweety asks her to be silent, she asks Ritu to say something. Ritu says Nimki Ji.. Nimki says dont forget I am your sister in law. Dublo says talk in english, Nimki says you are my

brother in law but I will call you Dublo bhaiya, he says great with me. Rekha asks him to be silent. Nimki sees Babbu trying to eat with one hand, Mai says let me help you, Babbu says I am not a kid. Nimki says Babbu understand her emotion, she is your mother. Babbu makes Mai feed him, Mai whispers I am sorry, I had to cut your palm because of this girl. Nimki says I like to see mother-son love. Babbu whispers to Mai that send her otherwise I will shoot her. Grandma asks her to go to her room. Nimki says I dont want to eat alone when whole family is here? I am nice daughter in law.Mai gets angry and throws plate in her direction, All are stunned. Nimki is shocked.

Ram says to Tunee that go to Nimki’s house and talk with respect to everyone. Tunee says I am not crazy, I am not dying to go there. Mauha says Ram leave it, Tunee is not a kid. Mono says Tunee gets silent seeing Babbu, Tunee says I can beat him. Mauha says dont talk like that, he is my brother in law. Ram asks Mauha what to bring from market to make for Nimki? Mauha gives him big list, Ram says she will eat that much? Mauha says you used to bring all things for her, she is not stranger now. Dumri gives him list too. Tunee says Nimki should get more nice food here than palace, Dumri says we can compete with palace. Mono says I dont want to repeat my clothes, Dumri says you have too many demands. Mono says its about Nimki’s respect, if I wear new clothes then it will increase Nimki’s honor in her inlaws house. Ram thinks and says Nimki must have seen so much in palace, she might feel small here. Dumri says Nimki can never feel small, nimki must be eating so much there. Tunee gets tensed and recalls Dublo’s words.

Scene 2
Nimki comes to her room and says I am so hungry and they are playing ladies-gents, I didnt eat food in wedding too as I was so excited. She comes out of room and sees women of palace eating, she says I want to eat too, she tries to come in palace but Mai asks her to remain silent, servants get food too. She asks servant to give her food. Grandma says you will get food. Nimki says but.. Sweety asks her to leave, Nimki leaves. Mai asks servant to give her food.

Nimki comes to her room and says they are insulting me? She hears Mai saying that Babbu didnt eat much because of her too. Nimki says how sweet. Nimki is waiting in her room and says they all are eating and I am hungry here. She brings cloth and cleans table, she says I will eat here. Servant brings food for her. Nimki says I will eat here. Nimki sees only daal and roti, Nimki says where is veggies dish? I want oil on roti, Servant says eat what you have. Nimki says talk with respect otherwise I will slap you.Rekha hears it. She tells Mai. Nimki throws plate and asks servant to leave. Mai calls Nimki and says how dare you insult food? how could to throw it? Nimki brings food on paper, she says I know how to respect food too, I threw empty plate. Rekha says how dare you throw plate too? Mai says you will eat this roti otherwise dont eat. Nimki puts roti there and leaves. She locks her room. Mai says I will see till when she remains hungry.

Abhi makes food for aunt and Elena. Aunt asks Elena what he is trying to make? Abhi brings pasta, Elena says its my favorite. Aunt says I dont want it. Elena says Nimki used to like it too, she didnt even know what pasta is, she ate here first. Abhi says then she used to eat it every Sunday. Elena says how she will eat pasta now? Abhi gets sad.
Nimki is lying on her bed and is hungry, she is dazed.

PREAP- Sweety says to Mai that Nimki didnt eat anything since morning, she didnt even eat in wedding, what if something happens to her? Grandma says check if she died or something. Mai and Sweety comes to Nimki’s room and are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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