Nimki Mukhiya 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki tries to get Babbu’s affection

Nimki Mukhiya 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki sees Abhi’s message, its a smiley, she messages him that his message put smile on her face, thank you.
Nimki comes to servant and asks if she knows english? she says no. Nimki says how will I communicate? she asks about bathroom. Servant tells her directions. Nimki comes in bathroom, is bad and unclean. Nimki says is this palace namesake only? She puts her clothes on rack, she says I cant take bath here, she looks at soap and says its so bad, I cant use it. I am Nimki Singh now, she blushes and says I wont use this soap, I will talk to Mai.
Nimki comes near door of palace, Mai asks her to not enter in house. Nimki says soap in washroom is not good, its used and I cant even see company’s name, I cant use it. Mai shouts if she is mental? Babbu wakes up in

his room hearing Mai shouting. Mai says to Nimki that you deserve cheap soap only. Babbu comes there and asks what is happening? why you are shouting Mai? Mai asks him to leave, he turns to leave but Nimki says you have to solve wife’s problem, I cant use this used soap. Rekha says I use this soap. Nimki says its not good for skin, girls have to keep them beautiful for their husbands, you use such cheap soap in palace? Mai says was your father king? he used to bring luxury soap? Nimki says yes, I got the soap which actresses use. Babbu says end this drama, he asks servant to give her good soap. Nimki says my husband took my side, thank you, servant gives soap to Nimki, Babbu leaves. Nimki says I will use soap today but Mai please bring body wash for me. Rekha says what is it? Nimki says you dont even know that? Thank you for this good soap, she smiles and leaves. Mai fums in anger. Rekha says Babbu have started listening to her from now only. Mai looks on.

Scene 2
Mauha tells Tunee that Nimki doesnt have to work in palace, all care for her. Mono says she has servant especially for her. Tunee is confused. Muaha says she has special room too. Tunee says wouldnt she live with Babbu? he would have room there from before, whats this special room? Mono says they must have made new room for them. Tunee thinks that I cant believe Nimki is so happy there, I have to see with my eyes. Mono is getting ready to go and meet Nimki, Mono says I want to dress nicely to go to palace. Tunee asks who is going to palace? Muaha says Ismail uncle and Mono will go there. Tunee says I think Ismail uncle is old, I can take Mono to palace, we will go together, Mauha says okay and leaves. Tunee says I have to go there and find out truth, I have to see what special room Nimki and Babbu have.

Mai says to family that Nimki doesnt have standard to use milk soap. Rekha says she was demanding for body lotion. Ritu and Tettar laughs. Sweety says you are all laughing? she was calling our soap as stone, all laugh. Babbu comes there. Rekha says he he is spoiling Nimki. Babbu says what I did? one soap doesnt matter. Tettar says he is right, Mai let it go. Grandma says Ram spoiled her daughter too much. Nimki comes outside and hears them. Dublo says I am hungry. Tettar says wow prince is about to go to office. Nimki stands in porch and tries to pose for Babbu but Sweety sees her, Nimki looks away. Rekha says to Tettar that if you can help Dublo then that would be great. Babbu looks in porch and sees Nimki posing, he is stunned, he keeps glancing at her. Rekha says to Tettar that Dublo is your son only. Ritu asks Dublo what new business plan he has? Tettar jokes that he must be fishing fishes. Babbu keeps looking at Nimki. Sweety shows Nimki to Mai. Mai sees her posing for Babbu and sees him looking at her room, she is tensed. Mai says Babbu? she stands infront of Babbu so he cant see Nimki, Nimki leaves. Mai checks Babbu’s wound. Nimki comes in porch again and winks at Babbu, he is stunned. Mai glares at her, Nimki acts like she is cleaning. Mai shouts servant to bring breakfast. Nimki says good morning everyone, she asks Tettar how he is? he says fine. Ritu asks if she liked soap? Nimki says I need body wash too, he says sure. Nimki says breakfast? I am coming, all look on.

PRECAP- Mai says to Nimki that you wont remain hungry Nimki, we give food to servants too. Servant brings simple roti and daal for Nimki, Nimki says I will eat in my room, put oil in it. Servant says eat what you got silently. Nimki throws away food and shouts at servant to leave. Servant runs to Mai. Mai is angry on Nimki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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