Nimki Mukhiya 7th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki tries to save the function

Nimki Mukhiya 7th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abhi comes in function. Elena goes to Sweety and says your painting is ice. Abhi meets Nimki and says its nice function. Abhi sees Sweety’s painting and says her painting is nice. He sees fan moving and asks Nimki to change these. Abhi sees fan moving and about to fall on Sweety. Nimki shouts for Sweety to move away from there. Abhi runs to her and pushes her away from fan before it falls down. Electricity turns off. Abhi says fan was about to fall. Babbu says Sweety why did you sit here? Abhi says anyone would have died here. Ritu says everything is fine. Nimki says my father in law Tettar promises to bring ACs here. All go to work on their paintings. Kundan asks Chirag to check the main switch.
Chirag says I wont let Tettar’s program become successful. He sees bees nest

and throws stone at it. One girl sees it, he asks her to remain silent. Bees fly in auditorium and start biting everyone, all try to runaway. Some bees bite Tettar and Mehtu too. All runaway from there. They hide behind curtains. Kundan calls Nahar and says Tettar’s function is destroyed. Nimki asks Tunee to give phone to her. Bees are biting Sweety, Ritu sees it but runs from there. Abhi runs to Sweety and takes her from there. Nimki tells to bring woods, they will burn it to make bees runaway. People run and one puts a foot on Mauha’s painting.

Scene 2
All are hiding from bees, Babbu goes to search for Sweety. He sees Abhi hiding her and Ritu not helping her. Babbu gets angry but doesnt go to them.
Tunee bring woods and starts fire in them. Nimki says bees will run from it, she asks to use fans to create smoke. Abhi says to Nimki that let me check it.

Mai is looking at Sweety’s doll and caressing it. Dublo says Nimki is nothing like you, you are a queen. Mai says but she is ruling everyone, Sweety’s doll is here and who lives here? Nimki. She is ruling everyone. Rekha says Tettar can throw her out anytime, Dublo says just handle Tettar, I will throw Nimki out, I cant see you in pain. Mai says I am waiting for the right time, she says I wont let Nimki take advantage of Sweety, I am going to competition. Dublo sees Nahar calling, he says I will call later. Mai asks to call car. Dublo calls Diamond and says what bees? he says to Mai that bees are attacking everyone there. Mai says bees must have bitten that Nimki, I wish she gets injured by them.

Tunee switches on electricity, fans start running, they blow smoke in audition room, bees run away by it. Nimki sees tempered fan about to fall on a woman, she pushes her away. Fan falls down. All clap for Nimki. Nimki asks if everyone is fine? Dumri says bees bit us. Nimki says who irritated their nest? she asks everyone if they finished their paintings? Abhi says lets find first who did this cheap act. Chirag gets tensed.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I like the serial Nimki Mumkhiya very much. The character of Nimki is too too good…beautiful, smart and witty girl…turns every bad situation to good. It is entertaining as well it gives a good message too. All the best to Nimki Mukhiya team.

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