Nimki Mukhiya 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki tries to keep her spirits up

Nimki Mukhiya 7th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nahar says to Ram that I should have share in Nimki’s marriage too. Ram grabs his collar and says you think my Nimki’s marriage is a deal? he strangles him, Tunee moves Ram away and says leave otherwise I will kill you, Nahar leaves.

Nimki comes to her servant room, she recalls grandma’s words that they married her in house for head title. Nimki says they wanted title? but how? I am head.. I have to understand, Mai agreed for marriage so she head title but why Tettar wanted to give her title?

Ram says to family that nobody believes Nimki is married in big house, they cant see my Nimki’s happiness.

Nimki says to herself that Babbu married me for title only? he doesnt love me? She recalls her moments with Babbu and blushes, she says they can

say anything but Babbu loves me, he is flat on me, Mai doesnt want him closer to me, maybe she made him promise to stay away from me but I dont care as Babbu loves me. She calls Babbu. Babbu is sleeping in his room, he takes call, Nimki says good morning, I am your lovely wife talking, Babbu throws phone away and sleeps. Nimki keeps talking and says Mai said this marriage is cheating but I know you love me, how did you make her agree to marry me? why are you silent? we can have silent love story, she sees Ram calling and ends call. Nimki says Ram will be tensed if I tell him truth, I cant tell him. Nimki takes call, its Mauha, she asks what she is doing? Nimki says I am walking in hotel garden, we are on honeymoon.. I mean I am dreaming about that. Mauha asks if she is happy? Nimki gets silent but says I married in big house so I am great, she asks how is Ram? Mauha says how are you? Nimki tries to not be sad and says I am fine, Mauha says dont you miss us? Nimki says no, Mauha says dont come here then, she asks if they care for her? Nimki says yes, they all care for me so much, they all are sweet and Babbu is so nice. Muaha gets happy but asks if she is lying to keep her happy? Nimki says no, you know my room is so special, dont worry about me, take care of Ram, Muaha says we will bring you home tomorrow, Nimki says why? I want to stay here, Mauha says fine then stay there, she ends call. Nimki says I was joking, I want to go back home and make Ram massage my head. She looks in mirror and gets sad. Nimki wipes mirror to clean it and does her makeup, she says I will remain beautiful.

Scene 2
Rekha says to grandma says I boiled water for your bath. Grandma points gun at her and says you want to kill me? Rekha says no no.. Grandma says I am holding this gun for Nimki, if she tries to enter palace then I will shoot her. Rekha says I never talked loud but Nimki has no fear. Grandma says you are not like her, no one will vote for you to become head.

Abhi is working in office, one minister comes and says please do my work and I will give you anything you want. Abhi says I am emotionally down these days, whats your budget? minister says 38lacs, Abhi says I will take 12% of that budget to do your work, minister says okay and leaves. Manager says you increased fees? Abhi says I thought to distract myself. Abhi gets Nimki’s message, it says if he forgot her so soon? she miss him. Abhi gets sad hearing her message.

PRRCAP- Nimki says to Mai that you live in such big palace and use such cheap soap for bathing? Mai says you think you are princess? Nimki says you people will laugh in village at this. Mai says was your father some king that used to bring foreign soaps for you? Nimki says yes. Mai glares at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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