Nimki Mukhiya 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki’s poster printed for elections

Nimki Mukhiya 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu comes to family and says only 4 people have filed to take part in elections. Mai says who dared to stand against our candidate Jhumri? Tettar says calm down, Ritu said it wont be a problem. Mai says dont give lecture, he says dont you dare say rubbish. Babbu says they are dummy candidate, they are all our candidates, people will think we played fairly but only Jhumri will win. Sweety says Ritu is becoming sharp. Ritu blushes. They all joke.

Mauha takes pictures of Nimki. Nahar comes there with Tunee. Nahar says I have come for your work Nimki, tomorrow is last date to file papers. Tunee says I have printed your posters, he shows her. Nimki says its useless, there is no BA pass written in it. Nahar looks on.

Dublo is tensed. Mai asks what happened? Rekha asks if he

is tensed? I gave you tablet. Mai asks her to move away from him. Diamond asks her to sit down. Babbu asks what happened? Dublo says I went to file paper for NOC but that property is not mine, Mai asks whose it is? Dublo says it is of someone Ram. All look on.

Nimki asks to put topper in poster. Nahar says okay we will print another one. He shows her another poster, she tears it apart, Ram asks what happened? Nimki says I am not looking good in this photo, I will give another photo. Nahar says tomorrow we have to file for papers, we dont have time for another poster. Nimki says I dont care, I cant let young guys see me like that, I wont file for papers if posters are not renewed.

Dublo says there is small part of property that is of Ram. Babbu says dont worry, you want Ram’s property? we will give him money and take property from him. Dayya says he is just Ram. Babbu asks who is he? Dayya says the one whose daughter won cycle race. Babbu says then we will go to village. Mai gets tensed and says you dont have to go, bring Ram here, Babbu says yes, Dayya bring Ram here tomorrow or drag him to here.

In morning, Ram comes to Nimki’s room and sees her throwing paper around. Ram says you didnt sleep whole night? Nimki shows him his new signature, she says I will use this signature for nomination papers. Ram says get ready. Nimki says I should take advise from Abhi. She takes pictures of her signatures and messages Abhi. Abhi is cooking and looks at Nimki’s signs. Nimki calls him and asks which sign is good? Abhi says sign doesnt matter, its about making name for yourself, Nimki says I dont need your opinion, she ends call. Abhi calls again. Mauha puts it on speaker. Abhi says they second sign was nice.

Rekha comes to Mai and says Jhumri is not working, she is with Tettar. Mai comes there. Rekha says we should throw her out of work. Jhumri sits in her feet and says dont throw me out. Tettar says we called her to put thumb on papers. Jhumri does it.

Ram asks everyone to be ready. Mauha says she has been getting ready for one hour. Nimki says I am ready. Nahar and Tunee comes there. Tunee says I am so happy. Ram says I will take Nimki in my car. Nahar says no we will take her in rickshaw so all can see her. Nimki comes there running and falls down, she sprains her foot, all rush to her. Mauha applies balm on her foot. Tunee shows her new poster, she says this is great work Tunee. One guy comes there and says Tettar’s servant have come. Ram goes out of house. He comes to Dayya and asks what happened? Dayya says Babbu has called you to palace, Ram asks if he has some work? he says yes, he wouldnt like your face. Ram says I have work today, I will come later. Mauha comes there. Dayya says how dare you say no to Babbu’s order? come with me, Ram says I have to take Nimki to doctor too. Dayya says come with me otherwise it will be bad for you. Mauha says how dare you force my father, we are not servant that Babbu can call anytime. Dayya points gun at her and says I will shoot you. Ram says dont you dare point at my daughter. Mauha takes stone and says get lost from here otherwise I will beat you pulp, Dayya gets scared and runs away.

PRECAP- Dayya grabs Ram’s collar. Babbu is there too. Dayya says how dare you say no to Babbu? Nimki comes there and says leave his collar, Dayya doesnt. Nimki slaps him hard. Babbu is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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