Nimki Mukhiya 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweeti saves Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dablo and Annaro come to meet Sweeti. He says where is sweeti? Tune takes them to her room. Annaro says lock the door. Tune leaves. Dablo says we should be grateful to tem for saving her. Look at your daughter. Annaro caresses her face. DAblo caresses her. Sweeti says nimki.. Annaro says you still have her name. Your brother is in jail. Your father is talking to everyone. People ask him your daughter ran? When I got to know you are alive. Dablo says ma enough. She is fighting for her life. Annaro says my son is in jail. Because of her. If she has shame Babbu would be out. Sweeti says babbu is jail? Nimki did right. Sweeti says it was his mistake. Dablo says she is right. Babbu deserves it. If something happened to Sweeti I would have shot him. I would have not have him in our life.

But God saved you so you can save Babbu. He isn’t responsible for who he is. Our father is. We have to save Babbbu from being Tettar. We have to save him please. He can’t be like Tettar. We will all hit him. Please save him.

Nimki abhi and police come in. Nimki says how are you didi. Abhi says inspector is here to take your statement. Don’t fear them. Rity and Tettar are there. Ritu says Babbu is crying in the jail. Tettar says ask herr doctor. Tettar says babbu was there who would fight anyone for you. Abhi says don’t manipulate her. Tettar says who are you to talk between us? Abhi says you got the news? SHe is my wife to be.
Inspector says did you leave the house by your choice? Did anyone force you? She nods. Abhi says ask her who shot her? Inspector says do you know who shot you? She nods. Inspector says was he babbu? Abhi says tell them. Please don’t be scared. We are all with you. Sweeti recalls everything. Sweeti’s condition worsens. Annaro says sweeti just once say he didn’t shoot you. Doctor asks inspector to come later. Sweeti says no. Babbu.. I was shot. Nimki says please say truth. Sweeti says he didn’t shoot me. Nimki and abhi are dazed. Sweeti says he can’t shoot his sister. Tettar says now you know. Please go now. Abhi and Nimki are dazed.

Nimki goes out in anger. She says Babbu shot him. Ritu says why didn’t she say that? Nimki says these people are emotionally blackmailing her. ABhi says look at her condition. They might have threaten her. Ritu gets call from Mahatu and says yes everything is okay. Inspector takes the call from Mahatu. Ritu says go now. ABhi says don’t be scared of them. We are all witnesses. Tettar says sweeti already gave her statement. Abhi says you are here for common people. You are responsible for us. How can you help these people who can kill their daughter? Sinha says we cant do anything after her statement. He leaves.
Annaro says to Nimki Babbu will shoot you when he comes out. You will pay for the time he has spent in the jail.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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