Nimki Mukhiya 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Babbu agrees to marry for Tettar

Nimki Mukhiya 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ram comes to Nimki and says sim card idea was good, you will become head of village. Nimki hugs him and starts crying, she says my friend is getting married and I am stuck with this election, she shows her friend’s fiance’s photo and says I missed this guy, he is so handsome, I should break their engagement. Mauha says there are more nice guys than him.Nimki says is it Babbu? Mono says he is a goon, think about officer. Nimki asks if they are thinking about some guy? tell me? Ram says Mauha is just joking. Ram says to Nimki that soon you will marry and will be of someone else. Nimki says you will get best father’s award with this dialogue.Ram says daughters become strangers after marriage. Nimki says I will remain Nimki and will stay here, Ram says what? Nimki puts

hand on his heart and says this address will never change, I will always stay here, Ram nods and hugs her.

In morning, Sweety is taking Mai’s photos. Her photo session is going on. Grandma says she wont look like actress. Babbu says let it continue. Rekha says I will get my photos too. dublo says its only Mai’s photoshoot. Diamond says Mai’s birthday is coming so we will gift her big photo. Babbu says my wife will have pose like Mai. Mai says yes, I will find best girl for you.Tettar comes there and says Babbu is doing so much for Mai, Dublo learn somethin. Tettar says to Sweety that some guests are coming, make sure to have nice food served. Mai asks who is coming? Ritu says Pawan with family is coming. Tettar says they are coming for Babbu’s marriage proposal, all look on.

Tunee is taking Nimki’s photos. Mauha asks how he got camera? Tunee says my friend is a cameraman. Nimki says are you taking nice photos? Tunee says I am best. Tunee is taking her photos. Ram and Nahar comes there. Ram charges at Tunee and asks what is he doing? Tunee says I am busy. Nahar glares at him and says to Ram that I am thinking about elections and she is worried about photos?

Mai says to Tettar that I told you I wont get Babbu married there, Tettar says where will we get money for elections? Ritu says Babbu is our blank cheque. Tettar says to Babbu that you respect your father right? we are losing respect, head position and MLA ticket should come to this house only, Babbu sees Mai angry. Ritu says Pawan is ready to pay for elections. Mai says you cant control that small Nimki but you cant even find a way to stop her? Tettar and Ritu angrily leaves.

Nimki says to Nahar that I want a big cut out like babbu, Nahar says its not needed, Jhumri is not as popular as you. Nimki says dont take enemies lightly, this cut out will be for 15k only, Nahar faints.

Babbu is in market, he comes to cameraman, Babbu asks him to make big frame of Mai’s photo. Tunee comes there. Babbu sees him and says to Dayya that he is always with Nimki right? we should haev fun with him, Dayya says we have work at home, Babbu says okay and leaves.

Mai is scolding servants. Sweety says to Mai that Pawan’s race is lower but you know about elections, we dont know if Jhumri will win elections or MLA ticket, Babbu have always seen Tettar win, he cant let him lose. Tettar comes to Mai and says you dont care about my respect? I dont have problem with your birthday, Sweety leave. Mai asks him to explain. Tettar says we are trying but Jhumri winning election is not much possible, respect comes from power and power comes from rule, if we lose rule then we will lose respect too. Babbu comes there and says our respect cant be taken at any cost, MLA ticket and head position will bhe ours only. Mai sadly looks at him.

PRECAP- Dayya comes to cameraman that is Tunee’s friend too. He asks him to give Mai’s poster. Cameraman gives him photo that is in envelope, Dayya says Mai’s photo should be best. Dayya brings photo to Babbu in Mai’s birthday function, Babbu opens envelop and is shocked to see picture.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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