Nimki Mukhiya 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki blames Nahar for Abhi’s condition

Nimki Mukhiya 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki acts like not hearing Mai and ends call. Aunt says what was your mother in law saying? Nimki says leave about her, doctor said that Abhi will take one week here. aunt says you shouldnt have come here like this, you are married now. Nimki says I am here to see an injured person, there is nothing wrong in that.

Tettar looks at his family photo and is in tears recalling Sweety’s words. Dublo comes there and says I was asleep last night, I can make Sweety explain. Ritu says to Tettar that you are in news, all papers have your photo. Tettar keeps looking at Sweety’s photo and says I cant believe my Sweety said all that to me and that too for that Abhi? Ritu says dont worry about Sweety, she is emotional but you cant be, this is election time. Tettar says people asked

me to not make give education to my daughter but I did and see now she calls me an animal. Ritu says its not time to get emotional and have fights with family. Tettar says you dont care at all? Ritu says first thing is winning elections, we should go and see Abhi in hospital, I will call press there and they will say how worried you are for BDO. Tettar says lets go, they leave. Dublo says he left and my work didnt happen. Dublo calls Nahar.

Scene 2
Aunt is looking around for Elena in hospital. Nimki comes there and says I brought fruits, where is Elena? Aunt says dont know. They all start searching for Elena. One nurse says to Nimki that she is sitting with Abhi. Nimki comes to Abhi’s room, Elena is crying and asking him to wake up. Nimki recalls how her mother used to take care of her, then how Nimki became rude to her for her ambitions. Nimki runs to Elena and says I will be fine, he wont leave you. Aunt and Tunee comes there too. Elena asks if he I ask him then he will be fine? she nods and thinks I told my mom to be fine for me then maybe she.. Elena asks Abhi to become, Abhi is still unconscious.

Ritu, Babbu and Tettar comes to hospital, Ritu says media is here, give a good speech. They come in hospital and see Nahar talking to press. Nahar says Abhi is an honest BDO, whoever shot him should be punished thats why I am standing in elections to remove injustice. Babbu says what he is doing here? Ritu says we cant create a scene here, lets leave. Nimki comes to Nahar and asks what is this drama? Nahar says I just want justice for Abhi. Nimki says we all know who shot Abhi. Ritu says we have to stop her. Tettar comes there and asks how is Abhi? Nimki says he is under observation. Nimki says to press that Nahar tried to kill Abhi, he shot him, Nahar says have you gone mad? Nimki says Abhi had proof against him, he was the one brought fake medicines in hospital, Abhi was taking recordings to police. Nahar says where is the proof? tell me where is it? if you have it then I will hang myself. Nimki says I had recording of Nahar but I deleted it. Nahar says now you are saying that its deleted? Nimki says before deleting, it was transferred to Abhi’s phone. Tunee brings Abhi’s phone. Nimki says this phone has Nahar’s recording then you will know his reality. Nimki checks Abhi’s phone but cant find recording. Nimki says it was in phone, where did it go? Nahar says stop this drama, I can forgive you now. Nimki grabs his collar, she pulls him aside and says how dare you shoot my Abhi? I wont spare you, she strangles him. Babbu and Tunee tries to pull her away.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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