Nimki Mukhiya 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki gets to truth of her marriage

Nimki Mukhiya 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu comes home drunk. Mai sees him looking at Nimki’s room and says her room is there but she dances really well, he goes to his room. Mai looks on.

In morning, Nimki wakes up and smiles. She says I am in my inlaws house. She says I should get up, I should call Babbu and talk romantically, I can talk in english, why there is so much silence? seems like they dont wake up soon. She comes out of her servant room and peeks inside palace, she says its go massive, congrats to myself. She tries to talk to servant but servant ignores her. Nimki says why you ignore me? you know who I am? I can get you out. Rekha comes there. Nimki greets her calling her sister in law. Nimki asks servant to bring morning tea for her. Nimki is about to cross door and come in house from backside

but Rekha stops her. Mai shouts at her to stop there. Mai says dare you move forward. Rekha thinks now it will be fun. Nimki tries to touch her feet but Mai asks Nimki to not try to touch her feet. Nimki says dont you believe in all this? I got trained in this. Mai asks her to move back. Mai says dont try to cross this door. Nimki says what are you saying? I am daughter in law of this house. Mai says you dont have standard to become daughter in law of this house, you will remain in servant quarter as thats your value. Sweety says everything important is in your quarter, Nimki says but I married Babbu. Mai says he didnt marry you, he married your head title, he would never even spit at girl like you, Nimki is confused. Grandma comes there and says why you are shouting Mai? Nimki says Mai is saying I am not daughter in law of this house, I married Babbu, Rekha says so what? Nimki says marriage is not a small thing, its expansive, Sweety says what are you saying? Grandma says no one told her? this was all planned game for head title. Grandma says we made Jhumri stand in elections but you won so he married you, we had head position in this family for years so we had to keep it in house thats why he married you. She says to Mai that dont shout at her, I told her. Mai says to Nimki that my Babbu married your title head not you, Babbu is my son, dont try to go near him, go stay in that servant quarter. Nimki says do you have phone charger? all are stunned. Nimki says I forgot it in home. She finds charger in porch and charges her phone. Mai says dont you understand that your marriage is rubbish and you are worried about charger? Nimki says dont worry about charger, I am beautiful, Babbu will go flat on me, I am heroine. She checks her phone and says its charging, Mai fumes in anger.

Ram gives money to man and says it was your debt. Tunee says you are giving him high rates, where your mind is? Mauha says he is missing Nimki. Nahar comes there, all glare at him. Nahar says to Ram that I am sorry, sorry to everyone, Ram turns to leave but Nahar says you can punish me, I did such cheap thing, your daughter used to call me uncle. Mauha asks Ram to forget it. Ram says we will forget it but we need time. Tunee asks him to leave. Nahar says to Ram that I just want to say that I spent money in elections to make Nimki win, just take care of me, I spent money and Tettar will enjoy the benefit of seat? Tunee says you are wrong. Nahar says you can just tell Tettar that we have share in his business, he did deal by making Nimki his daughter in law but I should have share in that too, you can ask him to give me some share too. Ram fumes in anger

PRECAP- Nimki recalls grandma’s words that Babbu married her because she became head and they needed title. Nimki thinks so marrying me was to get head title in house? suspense is out now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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