Nimki Mukhiya 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update” Nimki tops in BA exam

Nimki Mukhiya 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tunee says to family that BA result has come out and its bad. Mauha says if she had studied then this wouldnt have happened. Ram says dont say that now. Nimki says when time is bad then everything is bad, after failing, I wont get married. Tunee says you dont worry about that. Nimki says this is about my value. Ram says what to do? Tunee says we should check her result. Mono brings admit card. Tunee opens result on mobile and asks Nimki to check it. Nimki asks everyone to pray. Nimki checks her result and faints, all are stunned.

Abhi is with manager. Manager gives him sweets and says my wife is not romantic these days. Managers shows him news that result of BA is worse, Abhi says did Nimki pass or not?

Tunee says Nimki cant leave us. Mauha puts water in her mouth. Nimki

wakes up.Ram says dont worry if you failed, you can give another time. Dumri comes there and says did Nimki fail or not? Tunee asks her to leave. Nimki says leave otherwise I will beat you, Dumri leaves. Abhi calls Ram and asks did Nimki pass or fail? Nimki says listen to me. Ram says she failed and fainted. Abhi says dont be angry with her, he ends call.Mono checks her result and says she obtained 476 out of 500 numbers, she passed. Nimki says yes I passed exam. All dance in happiness.

Ritu comes to Tettar and says there is a bad news, Pawan’s daughter who we have liked for Babbu failed in exam, we tried to rig her papers but they were empty so couldnt do anything. Tettar says it doesnt matter, I will handle it. Mai comes and asks what happened to Pawan’s daughter result? Babbu comes there. Sweety says result was bad. Tettar says she failed. Mai laughs and says you thought she would top? Diamond says her father cant even rig it nicely. Grandma says it doesnt matter if she failed or not, we dont want girl who talks in english.

Nahar is distributing sweets among villagers. Dumri asks if he became father in this age? all laugh. Nahar says Nimki have changed history. Mauha says she passed in first grade. Tunee says to Nimki that how could you get so much number? you topped in this block. Nimki says you worked so hard to bring cheating papers to me. One woman asks if she can teach her son? Nimki says I dont have time, Mauha will teach him. Nahar says Nimki have made us all proud, she deserves to be head, all clap. Nimki says to Tunee that this is all done by Abhi, only he could get me this much number. Tunee says I brought cheating papers and praise for Abhi? Nimki leaves.

Ram gives sweets to Abhi and says you made Nimki pass exams, you talked to examiner. Abhi says I just talked to pass her. One manager says first I called examiner, then Abhi then another manager called then collector talked to him too so she got so much number. Abhi is joking to manager that he is busy here and his wife can runaway with someone else. Ram hears it, he gets shocked and tea’s tray falls from his hands. Abhi asks what happened? Ram leaves his office. Abhi comes behind Ram and asks what happened? Ram says I am fine. Abhi says you take off and go to home, take rest. Ram thanks him and leaves.

Dumri is making Nimki eat sweets and says you have taken so much numbers, I have brought gift for you. Nimki says its not easy to get so much numbers, I studied day and night. Dumri says I didnt know you can do things other than fashion. Ram comes there and is sad. Nimki asks if he is going to take them to movie? Dumri says your daughter have made you proud. Nimki asks why he is sad? Dumri asks if he has headache, I will give you massage. Nimki says we are here for him, dont flirt. Dumri says I will never come back, she leaves. Nimki asks Mauha to massage Ram’s head. Ram hugs them.

PRECAP- Babbu asks Dayya to bring Ram here at palace and if he doesnt come then drag him and bring him here. Dayya comes to Ram’s house and says Babbu has called you, come with me. Mauha says why? he wont go with you,
we are not your servants that you can order and we will just follow silently. Dayya is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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