Nimki Mukhiya 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweety takes part in competition

Nimki Mukhiya 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sweety says to Nimki that no one takes you as a family here. Nimki says they will accept me, you used to be away from me but you love me now, I am beautiful, smart. Sweety says your heart is nice and you are coming to competition too, i know you want to. Sweety says you have many dialogues, she laughs and leaves. Nimki sees a saree photo and says great.

Sweety comes to tettar and says you want me to take part in competition. Tettar shows her a drawing and says you made it when I asked you to not take part in school competition and you won appreciation for this painting, I want you to be there tomorrow with me. Sweety nods and says just tell me if my father wants me to be in competition or politician Tettar? Tettar says you think i am your enemy? what have i done? Sweety says you

havent done anything and that hurts me, he nods and leaves. sweety looks on.

Kundan calls nahar and says Tettar can succeed. Kundan’s son Chirag says that tettar cant do anything. Kundan says we have a big show set up, Nahar says politician is coming with his actress girlfriend in our function so tettar’s function cant succeed but what if he does something to make it successful? what if something happens in his function? what if shooting happens there? Chirag says Tettar will go to jail for that, I will do it. Nahar says great ane ends call. Chirag says to Kundan that i will kill some people tomorrow.

Scene 2
In morning, Mai asks Babbu if they have gone mad that Sweety will go to village and make art there? Sweety says villagers are people too. Mai says you are talking like Nimki. Ritu says it will be a praise for her father. Mai says keep my daughter away from politics. Ritu says she is my wife too. Tettar says let her to go to the function. Nimki comes there dressed in a saree. Mai says Sweety wont go, babbu says we will have a seat for her separately. Nimki says she will win. Mai says you dont know how nice she paints. Nimki says my sister paints so well, Salma khan bought her painting, my sister will win. Mai says my Sweety will win it, sweety go there and make art, win for this palace. Nimki says lets see whats she can do. Mai says my Sweety will have a separate seating there, they all leave. Dublo says to Mai that Nimki fooled you wit her sister thing to take sweety with her.

Function starts, Babbu says to Tettar that villagers are coming. Tunee is clicking Nimki’s pictures. Babbu looks on. Sweety sits on ground, She talks to a villager and says you are taking part in competition so you will win. Sweety says it wont be biased, I can leave the competition. Nimki says we have brought neutral judges. Ram and family comes there. Dumri says many people are here, will we win? Nimki says to Mauha that why are you late? Ram says our car broke down. Nimki says you should get a new car. Tunee gives paints to Mauha and says it will help you, Mauha says i have my paints. They all sit down. Ram asks nimki if mauha will win? Nimki says our Mauha will win. Mehtu comes there, tettar greets him. Kundan and Chirag comes there. Tettar asks Chirag to be with babbu to learn from him. Kundan says he is your son. Mehtu says preparations are nice, i like that people are here and you have put priyank Chopra’s photo, they laugh.

Diamond and Chirag are flirting with girls. Sweety scolds diamond.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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