Nimki Mukhiya 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki worried about her rigged BA result

Nimki Mukhiya 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abhi is talking to his manager. Door bell rings and Mauha comes inside with lunch, Abhi asks her to come inside. She puts lunch on table. Manager says Elena havent come till now so you will have to wait. Abhi asks Mauha to watch TV. Mauha starts watching Salman’s movie. Abhi says to manager that she and Nimki are so different. Nimki comes there angrily, she switches off TV and says to Abhi what is all this? why did you ask Ram to not send me? you are BDO so you can do anything? Nimki says to Mauha that you wanted chance to watch movie and sit in AC? you cant take my chance. Abhi says you are fighting elections, you should have image and shouldnt bring lunchbox. Nimki says you are right, my standard have raised.

Tettar says to family that in politics its about money and

backing, it doesnt matter if face is Jhumri, I will spend so much money that everyone will vote for her. Babbu comes there and Ritu will pacify Sunil now. Mai says you should kill Sunil, Tettar says you give bad ideas. Grandma says you should have controlled Mai but you are trapped around her, Mai says what? Grandma shows her gun, all laugh.

Nimki says to Abhi that I dont agree with you, when people will see me bringing lunch, they will see how common I am and working hard, they will respect and praise me, they will see that I didnt lose my identity. Abhi says how can you think so far? this is great. Nimki asks Mauha to not come from now on, she will bring lunch.

In home, Mauha asks Nimki to help in cooking, Nimki says didnt you hear Abhi saying that I should maintain standard. Nahar comes there and says Nimki have to come for election filing. Ram goes to bring her documents. Nimki says I shouldnt go in rickshaw for paper filing like Jhumri, Mauha says so you want helicopter? Nimki says not a bad idea, Nahar can you bring helicopter here? Nahar coughs. Ram says her BA result is coming tomorrow, Nahar says thats great, she will be BA pass head. Nimki murmurs only God can tell if I will pass or not.

Nimki comes to Abhi’s house, he is playing game. Nimki says my BA result is coming, did you talk to teacher to raise my numbers? Abhi says I asked my manager, dont worry, even if you fail even then you will become head. Nimki says grooms want BA pass girls, you dont know its value for wedding. Manager comes there. Abhi asks if he talked to sources to raise her numbers? he says yes I talked to collector, Nimki says you talked to collector for me? manager says I talked to collector’s PA, he is relative of teacher, Nimki says this is your plan? if I fail then I wont spare you.

Ritu calls Sunil and says what have you thought about MLA’s ticket? Sunil says dont even talk about it. Babbu takes call and says I am a kid, will you hold grudge? come here and we will prepare feast for you, you will also see how much Tettar is liked here, Sunil says okay I will see if I can come, he ends call. Ritu says Babbu you have understood politics, Tettar says his is my son afterall, great Babbu.

All are sad in Nimki’s house. Mauha says to Tunee that Nimki can fail in BA. Tunee gives parsad to everyone and says dont worry. Nimki says I am tensed. Tunee says I have prayed to God. Ram says if this Tunee had brought right cheating paper that day then it wouldnt have happened. Nimki says Tunee helped but Abhi gave me false hope, he said he would talk to teacher but he didnt. Tunee says rich people are fake like that. Ram asks Nimki to not worry, Nimki says I am tensed, if I fail then villagers will know and I will not even become head. Mono says no I even told everyone in my school. Nahar comes there and says Nimki is passing BA, we will start our campaign with Nimki special BA pass head. Ram sulks and says Nimki can fail. Nimki says Abhi fooled me. Ram says you could have studied. Nahar says we wont talk about it, if we dont tell anyone then no one will know.

Mai says to Sweety that why Tettar is smiling to himself? Sweety asks Tettar why he is smiling? Tettar says my Babbu showed he is my son, he took charge of things, should we get him married? Mai says yes. Tettar says I have talked to my friend about his son’s daughter, she will top in BA. Mai says but we will marry Babbu in our class, I will find his bride. Grandma says I will find girl for him. Mai says I will kill this oldie. Servant comes there and I found dagger under grandma’s bed, Mai is stunned.

PRECAP- Nimki has envelope of her BA result. All are tensed. Nimki asks family to pray. She opens envelope and faints seeing result, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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