Nimki Mukhiya 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbbu gets angry at nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar says yes you should participate sweeti. she says no I wont. She says I forgot everything. Babu says but.. sweeti says no. She leaves. Ritu says it would be good publicity.
Nimki says to abhi on call I have got everything pressed and in your closet. Get yourself a light yellow. If your upper drawer there are all underwear. He says please don’t do all this. She says they are clothes as well. Babbu overhears. He gets angry. Nimki says what should I get in food?
Tettar says who should be the judge? Tettar says should be someone people love. Nimki says get abhi on board. Ritu says but it might risk his job.

Ram hears people saying that nehar is bring celebrities. And Tettar is doing competition. Ram ssays what are you doing? How would that help our village? Tune

says that would help our village in getting a good name in the country? The other man says we will go to the show anyway.

Abhi says to elena you will study what you want to. Nimki says become plane driver. Abhi says thats called pilot. She says I know. Abhi says wy don’t you get airport in ghat tola. Tettar and babbu come in. Nimki makes abhi wear shirt. Babbu is angry. ritu says wow nimki serves you great. elena says i serve my father. ritu says you are very lucky abhi. Sweeti comes with food and Nimki to heal. Abhi says she is your wife. Your words towards her should be respected
Tettar says we are here to invite you. We are starting this painting competition. We want to invite you. Nimki says be careful with your job. Ritu says just come to distribute gifts. Abhi says sure I will come. Babbu says to nimki will you stay here? ABhi says she will go with you. Glad that you asked or she would have stayed here.

Nehar says to dablo we have got permission for the agency. Dablo says wow congratulations. Nehar says same to you. Your father.. What is he upto? Dablo says they are arranging a painting competition. It is on the day when you have arranged the program with ravi. But people are only talking about ravi.
TUne says to nimki people are all talking about ravi. No one is interested in painting competition. Tune says we have to do something to bring public to us. She says the winner should get something from priyanka chopra. Tune says where will you get his dress from? She says how will they know if its real or fake.

Sweeti sees nimki seeing priyanka’s picture. SWeeti says you like priyanka. Nimki says people are interested in ravu’s show more. We will give winner Priyankas dress. We just have to say and not give. Sweeti says are you also drowning in swamp of politics? She says no I am doing this for father in law. Whole family will be benefited. Sweeti says whole family but you. Nimki says why? Sweeti says no one considers you family here.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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