Nimki Mukhiya 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki announces in village to become head

Nimki Mukhiya 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki shouts that I am going to be head now. Ram and family comes there. Nimki says I have decided to become head. Tunee comes there, Nimki says I wont lie in bathtub. Ram asks Tunee to go away,she is in tub, he asks if she will take part in elections? she nods, Tunee goes in room. Nimki takes towel and goes to her room. Tunee calls Nahar and says Nimki have agreed to take part in elections. Nahar ends call and comes to Ram’s house. He says I just got news from Tunee that Nimki have agreed to take part in elections. Ram glares at Tunee. Nahar says this is happy news, I have brought sweets. He gives it to Mono. Tunee says Nimki have agreed to election because of bathtub. Ram says Nimki is getting ready in her room. Nahar’s men chant for Nimki to become head. Nimki hears it

and is on cloud nine.

Babbu is joking, Dublo is leaving, Babbu asks Rekha to keep an eye on Dublo, he doesnt stay at home. Rekha asks if he is having an affair? Ritu comes there and asks Dublo when he is starting gas agency, Babbu says he will be soon in his office. Ritu says you can open office and bring s*xy secretary in office, you can find that kind of receptionists in Patna. Sweety comes there and says what are you saying? dont insult him. Rekha says Dublo is not like that, we know what happens in Patna maybe thats why you dont take Sweety to Patna. Sweety gets tensed hearing it and leaves.

Nahar says to villagers that Tettar’s injustice is going to end, Nimki have agreed to become head and will write history a new, all are reluctant. Nimki starts chanting for herself. Ram and Nimki chants for her. One woman says this Nimki cant even do her work? Dumri says she is not responsible, Nimki says its not needed to become head. Ram says she means she will take care of people. One woman says I wanted to become head. Nimki says I am doing a favor by taking part in elections. Dumri says we should vote for Jhumri because Nimki is useless.

Sweety comes to her room and is in tears. Ritu comes behind her and says its nothing to cry. Sweety says you might not have shame but I have, he says I was joking, she says you only joke or do politics. Ritu gets call and says I am coming, he says to Sweety that I have work and leaves.

Nimki locks herself in room. All villagers are outside. Ram says open door, she says no I wont take part in election, these villagers dont deserve me, Ram says just get me married. Tunee says I will bring everything you want? do you want tetrapack juice? she says yes and chocolate too. Nahar asks men to bring it. Dumri says dont spoil her more. They bring juice and chocolate.Nimki takes it from window and says I will come out only if villagers request me to take part in elections and say sorry, I sat in bathtub and realized we should live for others. Nahar asks villagers to say sorry, all say please forgive us. Nimki comes out and I learned this style in a movie.

Abhi is in office and manager to focus on work. Ram brings sweets and says Nimki agreed to become head. Abhi says thats great news, where is she? Ram says she must be with Tunee.

Nimki is sitting in bathtub and acting like smoking. Tunee says you are looking like heroine. Nimki says but smoking is not good for health. Tunee says I will take care of you.

Abhi asks Ram to not send Nimki with lunchbox from now on, she should have respect now so send your younger daughter from now on.

Nimki says to Tunee that I have to do something different for elections. A frog jumps in bathtub. Nimki runs to Tunee’s arms, he gets happy, Tunee throws frog away and tries to hug her again but she leaves.

Rekha asks Jhumri to clean nicely. Mai says you have stopped working nicely from the time you have stood in elections. Rekha says look at her, she doesnt have any quality or face, what if someone nicer than her stands against her? what if she loses? Tettar comes there and says you are right Rekha, no Jhumri cant win elections, all are shocked.

PRECAP- Nimki says to Nahar that I have an idea, I wont go in rickshaw to file my election papers. Mauha says so you want to go in helicopter? she says not a bad idea, Nahar can you arrange a helicopter? Nahar coughs hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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