Nimki Mukhiya 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki fails Tettar’s plan

Nimki Mukhiya 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki is in rally and Tunee is chanting for her. Villagers are gathered around her. Tunee says Tettar have never done work for villagers. One villager says he made roads. Nimki says you didnt go to America using it, Ram says old BDO made it not Tettar, one man says new BDO is always with Nimki so he cant do anything. Ram comes to him and slaps him, I will snatch your tongue. Dumri says you cant stop people like this. Nimki takes mic and says you dont understand meaning of friendship, you are still in 90s, I have always been helpful, if you want me as head then I will leave, but if someone other becomes your head, what she can do? she cant do much but I have brought something for you, you never had phones but now everyone has it, its not about roti and veggies nowadays, its about noodles,

I will make my village smart, what others couldnt give you but I will give you, I will give you free 4g sim cards, you can download images and talk to people, take it. All start taking sim cards from Mauha. Tunee says its working, they forgot about Abhi and your issue, Nimki says I knew it.

Abhi asks Aunt where is Elena? Aunt says playing, she asks him to tie sacred thread, he says no, she says that Nimki have been on your mind, he wanted kiss not Chumma. Abhi hears Nimki’s voice message that she is not miffed with him. Manager comes there, Abhi signs it, manager says this is our profit, you know Nimki failed Tettar, aunt says what? Manager says Nimki made people understand what friendship means.

Scene 2
Nimki is leading rally, all are chanting for her. Nimki hides behind barn and does her makeup. Tunee sees it and is mesmerized by her, he imagines dancing around her. Ram comes to him and brings him out of dream, Tunee sees Nimki gone back to rally. Ram asks what he was doing? Tunee says resting near barn. Tunee starts chanting for Nimki. Ram asks what were you thinking? you kissed when you were day dreaming.

Tettar slaps Dayya and says you want sim card? Mai asks what happened? Tettar says Nimki was giving free sim cards and he took it. Mai says how she gets ideas like this? Tettar that BDO Abhi is giving her ideas, he asks where is Babbu and Ritu? Mai says they have gone to talk to party. Tettar says I will become scare crow like this, I will be useless. Ritu and Babbu comes home. Ritu says we met party president, he had ego but we talked through. Babbu says we talked to president, we will have to spend on election and have to give donation to party too, Mai says we have lots of money so throw at them and buy ticket. Tettar says we will spend money but we will get ticket? Ritu says he said that if we have head position in our house then we will get MLA ticket otherwise not. Tettar says out time is bad. Mai says they want Dumri to win then give us ticket? its like we are of Dumri’s standard. Tettar sends everyone away. He says to Ritu that head position will be remain ours if Dumri wins or Nimki wins, Ritu says what? Tettar says if Nimki winds elections then bring her to palace because I want power in any case. Ritu says Nimki in this palace? you want her to collect cow dung here? Tettar says center of power will remain this house, I want to be MLA at any cost. Ritu looks on.

PRECAP- Tettar says to Mai that we dont have any choice in getting MLA ticket, respect comes with power and power comes with seat only, if seat is gone then respect is gone too. Babbu comes there and says at any cost, head position and MLA ticket should be ours only. Mai is tensed. Tettar is proud at Babbu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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