Nimki Mukhiya 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki stands against Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nehar says we have to do something to make sure Abhi never finds out who did this. Nehar’s man comes and says Dablo isn’t talking to us. Nehar says do what I asked you.
Babbu calls his medicine store. Tettar calls hospital and says treat all the patients for free and they should have no inconvenience. Ritu says if somoene does you will be jailed. Babbu calls hospital and says if something happens to anyone I will kill you all.
Sweeti says do we supply fake meds? Annaro says how dare that abhi shout at Tettar. Nimki says elena was not well. Thats why he got mad. Sweeti says you go back, Nimki says rity can I talk to you? Annaro says he wont talk to you in person. Nimki says do you actually sell fake meds? I know you can never do this. Babbu says go from here. Ritu

says we havent’ done anything like that. Nimki says swear on Annaro. Ritu says I swear on her. Tettar says we don’t sell death. Nimki says I knew my family can never do this. Anaro says this isn’t your family.. Nimki syas we will talk about it later. Elena is not well and I and Abhi are worried. if anything happens to her I will forget that this is my family. Babbu throttles her and says what do you think of yourself. Sweeti comes and says leave her. Tettar says are you mad babbu. Dadi says of tetter sell fake meds why would he be in politics? Nimki says swear on me. Babbu says I swear on my mom we dont’ sell fake meds. If you say a word I will shoot you. Nimki says if thats truth I will fight for you all. Nimki says and don’t think I will forget what you did. I am not a slave kind of a wife. She leaves. babbu says what did you say? She goes to her room.

Scene 2
Abhi says I wont leave that tettar. Mausi says calm down. He says so many lives are in danger. She says think before you take any action. He says we can’t stay quite about this. Abhi asks his PA to check all meds coming to hospital. He asks Mausi to go home. She says okay I will come back after a while. They leave.

Tettar comes home. Annaro says where were you? asking for Abhi’s apology? He says no I went to hospital. THere are patients everywhere. People are talking against me. Ritu says we have to find out who did this. Babbu says people should know the truth. Ritu says yes everyone knows it.
Nimki comes and says I am going to see Elena. Annaro says you wont go anywhere? She says can you save lives? no right? She leaves.
Babbu says let her go only she can save our name now. Tettar says he is right. Babbu says we have to take advantage of tolerating her.

Nimki comes to jhariya and says take me to hospital. Babbu asked me to go. Jhariya says I can’t go. Nimki says if you say no dablo will hit you. Dablo says go and take her. Jhariya says I wont. Dablo says I will drop you. Dablo slaps Jhariya. They leave.
Precap-Nehar says to all people this tettar and his family sold fake meds.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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