Nimki Mukhiya 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki suggests painting competition

Nimki Mukhiya 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sweeti says don’t try to be my dad. Don’t you know how to speak without this gun? Get out of here. Babbu leaves. Ritu locks the door and says you came on right time and saved me.
Nimki dresses Abhi’s wound. she says its red. don’t you put medicine on it? Elena brings medicine. Abhi says I wanted to talk. Please don’t send sweeti here again. What happened wasn’t right. She says don’t worry i wont send her. Abhi says you shouldn’t come here either. She says why shouldn’t I come here? They all meet their friends. Why shouldn’t I?
Nimki applies medicine on abhi’s arm. Elena says I will apply it from tomorrow.

Ram says to Tune where were you? We have to do grocery for Abhi. Dablo comes in. Ram says have a seat.

He says I came to give you rent for month 1. Tune says but work hasn’t started. Dablo says no you have to take it. Ram takes it.

Ritu says that hero wont come. He is Nehar’s relative. Babbu says you have to call someone else. ritu says they nehar is doing something like this too. Nimki says we should do something good. Like painting competition. Everyone will be happy. The winner will get something good. She says we will go for sanskriti images. Babbu says people are more interested in heroes. Babbu says we will do both together. The winner will be invited to the program. Nimki says say thanks to me. She leaves.

Scene 2
Ram comes to abhi’s place with grocery. Elena says noodles. Tune says I brought them. Ram doesn’t know about it. Elena says papa doesn’t care for himself. Ram says you have to be careful. Abhi says how is it all going? Tune says ram’s romance with chachi? Ram says I will slap you. Tune says ask him what he did with his land. Abhi says what? Elena touches his hand. he screams. Ram and tune take him to room.

Mauha calls nimki. She says papa didn’t come back. He went to abhi’s place. Nimki says he must be in chachi’s house. Chachi says what are you saying. I am here. Nimki says we have planned a painting competition. Mauha you have to take part and win. Mauha says I made one last week. Nimki says you will get best price for sure.
Ritu says we should give all people gifts. Babbu says what should it be? Tettar says we should give something useful. Annaro says what do they even know? Can they paint? Rekah says haven’t you seen he one from ghat tola in our house? She beats you every day. Tettar says sweeti should participate too. Dablo says yes you should. Ritu says people will say see tettar’s daughter is participating too.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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