Nimki Mukhiya 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki and Abhi’s relation questioned

Nimki Mukhiya 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
At night, Ram hears some noise, he comes out in village and sees some man there, he rune behind him but man runs away.

Babbu says to Ritu that Dayya is not taking call. Mai asks what happened? this girl Nimki have made you all tensed, this Ritu is big politician but cant do anything? Tettar asks him to leave, Sweety asks what happened? Ritu says she wants to prove that I am useless. Babbu gets Dayya’s call and says work is done and now we are going to enjoy, Sweety asks what they did? Ritu says tomorrow there will be movie releasing in village, Tettar says we have to bring this matter to panchayat, Babbu says Tettar is head of village and he can blacken Nimki and Abhi’s face.

In morning, all villagers wake up. One man finds Abhi and Nimki’s poster on

wall, its picture of Nimki kissing Abhi’s cheek. Ram comes there too. All villagers gather around there. Ram is shocked to see poster. Dumri comes there too. Ram is angry. Dumri says what is Nimki doing? Tunee asks people to not say rubbish. Nimki wakes up and comes out of house. All laugh at her. Ram says you go inside, we will handle it, she asks what? Tunee says I am with you. Nimki sees poster and is shocked.She reads line that Nimki kissed Abhi.

Auntd checks Abhi’s fever and says you have high fever, I will bring medicine, what did you eat last day Tinku? Abhi says I ate ice cream with Nimki, she says again that Nimki? manager comes there and says there is some big problem. Aunt leaves. Manager tells him about poster. Aunt hears it too.

Nimki looks at poster and says I didnt do it. One woman says its your photo, one man says so this was going on? Nimki says I will beat you if you comment. Dumri says but its your photo. Nimki says yes its my photo and Abhi’s but we were eating ice cream only. Tunee says why did you need to eat ice cream with him and be so close to him? Mauha says my sister cant do it, Nimki says this photo is morphed. Mauha says Tettar must have done it to make Nimki lose. Tunee says I didnt think about it, he says to villagers that this is all done by Tettar, Nimki and I can have affair but BDO? Ram asks him to shut up. Nimki says find out who did it. Ram says last night someone was in village but ranaway seeing me, he looked like Tunee. Tunee says what are you saying? I didnt do it. Mauha says who used this paint? One villager says Sarju bought that paint.

Aunt says to Abhi that girl is very clever and wants to trap you, she must have done it. Abhi says stop it, that girl is disrespected and you are blaming her? Tettar must have done it, I will get him run naked, Manager says dont make it issue, Abhi says shut up, Nimki is getting disrespected and you want me to be silent? he turns to leave but faints.

Tunee beats Sarju and asks who did it? Nahar says Tettar must have asked him to do it to disrespect Nimki. Dumri says you can write anything about girl? Tunee beats him more. Nimki looks at him. Sarju says I am sorry, I will wipe that photo. Nahar says tell us first who asked you do it? Tettar or Babbu? Sarju thinks that if I tell truth then Babbu and Tettar will kill me. Sarju says I really like Nimki and she doesnt give me attention. Tunee says you want to flirt with Nimki? Mauha says if you like her then why did you do that with her? Sarju says she is always with Abhi. Nimki says if its about that a guy likes me then I forgive him, I am beautiful, he beats him with slipper and says are you educated? Abhi is gentleman and I am gentlewoman, why didnt you write in english? why didnt you write kiss instead of Chumma? it looks cheap, I have standard. Tunee asks Nimki to stop it. Villagers look on. Nimki asks Sarju to wipe poster away and write kiss not chumma. Dumri says so you will kiss? one woman says its not good that she roams with Abhi, Nimki says now you all listen to me, She says world has gone far ahead but you are alll still in 1970, once you see girl and boy together, you start making issue, they can be friends, its pure relation. Dumri says boy and girl are like kerosene and flame. Nimki says you people cant change mindset. Tunee says true. Nimki says this Dumri talks to my father but we dont talk about my father and his affair with her, Dumri stares at him but she admired him not lust after him, I never doubt women, I can tell about Nahar but Nahar leaves. Nimki tells about people’s affair, all runaway. Ram sadly looks at Nimki and leaves.

PRECAP- Nahar says to Ram that its good to not send Nimki to Abhi’s house till elections are done. Ram says I will make Nimki understand and she will not go to Abhi’s house.
Abhi says to Nimki that why cant you understand? not for yourself and me, atleast understand for Ram, please stay away from me and you dont have to come here from now.
Nimki is hurt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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