Nimki Mukhiya 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki apologizes to Tettar

Nimki Mukhiya 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu says Nimki babu ji just wanted to help Sooraj. He thought that was right for Sooraj and his daughter. The society thinks small. Not everyone thinks here like Ram. Let’s go home. Nimki doesn’t answer. Ram says you people care about your so called respect than your daughter. Nimki you did right. Chachi says Babbu came here to take her home. He loves her. Why else would he come here? Don’t be so stubborn. Not everyone’s husband takes them back home like this. Ram says okay you can take her. Nimki says papa.. Ram says forget everything. But one thing is there.. Nimki wasn’t wrong. You are the law makers. Babbu says once my father becomes the law maker everything will change.

Annaro is angry. Tettar says sit down. Annaro says Babbu has gone if she

doesn’t come I will burn her house. Diamond says her father can’t even dare saying no. Sweeti says mind your language I will slap you. Annaro says now her family has more respect than diamond sweeti? Tettar says calm down Annaro. Annaro says now you will welcome here. She challenged you in your own house. Tettar says enough. Not a single word. I remember everything she said. Let the time come I will take my revenge. Sweeti says she isn’t scared of you. She might give you another challenge. Annaro says stay quite. Babu says she is here. Tettar says welcome nimki mukhiya. We heard that Nimki mukhiya challenged Tettar that she would save Richa. Who won? Babbu says can anyone ever win from you? Tettar says once a kbadi champ challenged me. I broke his leg. I can kill you right now but.. Annaro says don’t have anymore dialogues? I will see you today. Why are you silent? Sweeti says you all people.. Tettar says not a word. She should know i am tettar. I have power here. Sweeti says babuji.. Tettar says you stay out. Annaro says to Nimki look into my eyes. Nimki leaves. Annaro says where are you going? Apologize everyone first. Nimki turns back.
Nimki says I am really sorry. I made a mistake. You were right. I shouldn’t have involved in all this. Everyone is dazed. Nimki says I shouldn’t have challenged you. Tune asked me to do all this. He saw a movie. I am sorry. I wont say in English but you can’t understand. I should go now. Very tired. Tettar says very good. Go to your room. Nimki says I will work for your campaign from tomorrow. Everyone is dazed. Tettar smiles. She goes to her room.

Tune says I was scared. Thank God babbu came to take her back. Mauha says you are right. I was scared. Tune picks the letter. He says chachi took the envelope with and left te love letter here. Mauha says I will give it back to her. Tune says let me read once please. She says no. Tune says please.. He reads it and says its divorce notice. Everyone is dazed. Ram and chachi come in.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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