Nimki Mukhiya 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki enjoys lunch with Abhi

Nimki Mukhiya 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ram is making chicken after cutting Dumri’s hen. Dumri comes there and asks what he is making? he reluctantly shows her chicken. Dumri says its nice like my hero, my hen. Dumri says I want to taste this chicken. Nimki says she is family member so come on lunch time, leave now. Nimki whispers to Tunee that she doesnt know its her chicken. Dumri says I am searching for my hen since morning, did you see it Nimki? Nimki says I dont. Dumri goes to search her hen.

Nimki brings chicken to Abhi’s house. Aunt says we dont want it, Nimki says its chicken, Aunt says eww. Nimki says its so tasty. Elena comes there and Abhi called for this food, Aunt says what? Nimki says see Tinku asked for it. Elena asks Nimki to play with it, Aunt says I will play with her, bring Abhi’s

clothes from rope, she says I am not his wife. Aunt says you act like one. Nimki calls Abhi and says tell whom am I to you? tell her that we are friends, I wont be instuled daily, I can send her to jail. Abhi asks Nimki to please as Aunt gets dizzy, Nimki leaves. Aunt says that girl shouldnt come in this house. Nimki calls Abhi and says come out of house if you want to eat chicken. He leaves.
Abhi comes to Dhabba, Nimki offers him lunch, he says its so tasty. Ice cream seller comes there, Nimki says I want to eat but dont have cash, Abhi buys it for her, they both enjoy it, Abhi laughs at her. Tettar’s spy takes their pictures. Abhi is staring at Nimki, Nimki asks if he likes her eyes? all like it. Abhi says you lost your earrings, I couldnt find them but take these. Numki sees another piece of earrings, Nimki says these are for me? he says tell me if you dont like it, I am not experienced, she says you married so you are experienced, dont flirt, Abhi blushes. Nimki looks at earrings, Tettar’s spy takes pictures.

Scene 2
At night, Nimki and Nahar is selecting for elections. Dumri comes there and says to Nahar that this Nimki stole my hen, she wont become head like this, my neighbor saw her stealing my hen, I want my hen back, she starts crying and says I will go to panchayat, Nahar says she cant go to panchayat, it will be trouble.

Tv is not working. Babbu checks it, Grandma says my serial is missing. All laugh at how Grandma used to be scared of TV thinking things will come out. Babbu gets Dayya’s message, he calls him and asks what are you sending? Dayya says tomorrow is Nimki’s rally, check photos I sent, Babbu says okay.

Nimki says to Dumri that I will file case on you, your hen used to roam around, he even came in my bathroom once, he didnt have shame, he used to eat at our home so we can eat him too. Dumri says you ate my hen? Nimki says you were praising its leg pieces. Dumri cries and says you killed it. Tunee says Ram cooked it with so much love. Dumri comes to Ram and says you too? she runs away crying.

Babbu shows Nimki and Abhi’s photos that Dayya sent. Tettar says make posters now, these photos will show that lower class has no shame and upper class will think Abhi uis disrespecting them. Ritu says tomorrow is Nimki’s rally but now we will enjoy that.

PRECAP- Nimki’s pictures with Abhi are shown in village. One woman says its Nimki with Abhi, their pictures are morphed and shows that Nimki is kissing Abhi’s cheek, there are posters of that kiss all over village. Ram is stunned to see them. One villager says she killed him BDO, all taunt and laugh at her. Nimki is angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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