Nimki Mukhiya 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki doesn’t go back

Nimki Mukhiya 30th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sweeti says you people have so much hate in your hearts for nimki. You people can never understand.
Tettar says to diamond bring all your boys. We are not doing our campaign. Dablo says to Tettar do you know a big minister? Have to get my inauguration? Diamond says you can get it done from babu ji. Dablo says he is nothing yet.
Babbu says to Tettar nehar has made it famous that he got this wedding done. Mahatu also got to know what nimki did. Mahatu was very angry. He wants to see Nimki. Mahatu calls Tettar and says bring nimki here. I want to meet her.
Diamond says so we will have to bring her back? Tettar says yes.

Ram says mauha make something for Nimki. Babbu calls. Mauha says pick and see what they say. Tettar says to Ram you are also in ego now? Forget and send nimki here. Ram says I want to meet you once. Tettar says I don’t have time. Ram says my daughter is equally important. I wont send her where she isn’t respect. Tettar shouts how dare you. Ram says I am sorry but she isn’t coming. Nimki says you are real hero papa.
Dablo says I think they said no. If Nehar gets to know you will defame you everywhere.

Dablo comes to nehar and says you got all the credit. Nehar says you are amazing. They both laugh. Kundan comes. Nehar says what do you want now? He says tettar’s destruction. Nehar says I will trap tettar and nimki in such a way they will scream. See what I do.
Chaci says this is wrong. Nimki’s house is that. They are all calling her. Ram says they have no respect. I will talk to Tettar first.

Chachi gets a letter on her name. She is dazed. It falls from her hands. Nimki picks and says chandan chachi has sent it. Looks like its a love letter. Ram says give it back to her. Nimki says we want to read the love letter too. Mauha says didi will read it for you. Nimi says I wont give ti. Chachi says give it to me. Nimki says I wont. Chachi says give it back. Every letter is not love letter. Babbu comes. Nimki is dazed. Ram says babbu.. He says I came to take her back. Tune says after what your family did? Chachi says you should go with him.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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