Nimki Mukhiya 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki takes police to haveli

Nimki Mukhiya 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abhi comes to hospital. He says where is Nimki? Tune says she went somewhere. Babu and tettar came here. Nimki comes back with police. SHe says where is Babbu? He will go to jail today. Abhi says he is your husband. Ninki says nothhing is more than Sweeti. Nimki asks police to look for Babbu. Nimki says no one can save him today. Tune says Tettar took him to house. Nimki says I will go there with police. Abhi says don’t go alone. Nimki says nothing will happen Nimki says I want to see him being arrested. Tune goes with Nimki.
People say Sweeti was marryin even she was married. Mauha says they were divorced. You all feel when she ran but no one went and shot Chandan? Answer me. Ramla says I am worried for Nimki. Ismail says Tetar will shoot Nimki. Ramla says send her somewhere.

Mauha says she didn’t do anything. Babbu will have to run now. ismail says I don’t think she will let him be arrested. Mauha says she tried killing his sister. He will be jailed. Ramla says don’t say all this. Ismail says I hope everything gets better.

Rekha brings bag for babbu. Ritu says you will have to go away with Diamond. Babu says I can’t run from police. Dablo says get arrested. Babu says I did right by shooting her.

Babbu says if I didn’t do this she would have married BDO. We would have no respect left in the village. Dablo slaps Babbu. He says you know why I slapped you twice? First for shooting Sweeti and second because you have no regrets. Ritu says listen.. Dablo says shut up. You loved her? Why didn’t you even try stopping him? You should have been slapping him. Annaro says listen. He says shut up. I wont listen to anyone.
Police siren blares. Nimki is outside with police. Everyone is dazed. Nimki says go and arrest him. All people gather outside and say Babbu shot his sister. Ritu says go in and hide. Annaro says please Babbu. Diamond says I should hide too.
Nimki says I saw babbu. Nimki says I have seen fear in Tettar and Ritu’s eyes. I am mukhiya and we are here to arrest Babbu. annaro says don’t dare coming in. Nimki says wow.. you think you can scare us like this? Annaro says please stop them. They enter the house. Ritu says to inspector Sinha sir.. is everything ready? Annaro says I am telling you get lost from here. Nimki says we are not going anywhere. Ritu says Sinha ji listen.. You know that Tettar wont like. You should have called us once before coming. We have old relationship. Nimki says what relationship? That you shot in temple today? Mrs. Annaro your son will go to jail at any cost. Babbu will go behind the bars. Nimki says ask Babbu to come downstairs. Annaro says he isn’t here. Go from here. Nimki says shut up before they start hitting you. Ritu says please don’t do all that. Babbu isn’t home. Tune says let us search then.
Precap-Nimki says Babbu come out. You were being a man when you shot you sister be a man now. Babbu comes out and says shut up.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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