Nimki Mukhiya 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Elena gets ill due to fake medicines

Nimki Mukhiya 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu says I should talk to nimki today abbout her land. I will first ask her how she is. Parbatitya says you need something? He saays no. Go rekha was calling you. Nimki says you here? He says was getting fresh air. She says will you take me to hospital? She isn’t well. Please. Ritu says okay I will drop you. She goes in to get ready. Annaro says to DAblo why were you talking to her? He says she said she is getting ready I don’t know for what. Annaor says where are you going? He says get to buy rekha’s blouse. Nimki comes and says I am ready. Annaor says shut up and go to your room.

All people are panicinig in the hospital. Doctor tells ram that medicines reacted.
The doctor tells abhii this medicine is fake. We will get new stuff. Abhi slaps him and says

give me name of the supplier. He says Tettar’s company supplied. I don’t know they never supplied fake products before. Abhi says enough. He goes to his office.
Nimki comes to the house and says where is dablo? Why aren’t we going? SShe calls him and says I am ready. He says came to my room. I am coming. Nimki says lets go. Dablo says go out of the house I will come. Parbatiya hears. Dablo says don’t tell anyone.
dalo says to rekha I will talk to nimki today. He says our good days are coming. She says I will get jewelry made first.

Nimkii sees that babbu tettar and Ritu are outside. Abhi comes there and says Tettar.. Abhi says you are playing with people’e life. Tettar says what are you saying. Abhi says because of you so many lives are in danger. Annaro says how dare you talk to my husband like this. abhi says you can’t kill people. Babbu grasps his collar and says this is muy house. Abhi shoves him and says I don’t care about your thugness. I am here to talk to this Tetttar. Nimki says listen. He says stay out of this nimki. Tettar says I will shoot you. Abhi says if anything happens to my daughter I will kill you. Nimki says what happened to Elena? Please take me to her. Abhi says your father in law did all this. Your fake medicines are killing people. If anything happens to people they will ruin your life. He is a devil. This is his real face. There was poisons in those meds. Nimki says how is Elena? He says think about all the people. You are mukhiya. Tettar says we sell right meds. This is a conspiracy against me. Abhi says no one can save you from this. anro says don’t threaten us. Sweeti says amma calm down. Nimki says you have no right to talk to my father in law like this and accuse him. Do what you want but.. He leaves. Nimki says stop I wanna meet elena. Babbu says you wont go anywhere. Abhi leaves.

Ram calls Nimki. She tells him everything. Ram says to Mausi everything is out of control. Don’t let them give her the same medicine.
Nehar’s man calls him and says everything has worked well. These people think Tettar sent those medicines. He tells him that abhi went to his house?
Nehar tells Kundan Abhi’s daughter is ill too. He wont leave this case like that.
Precap-Nimki says if anything happens to ELena i will forget that this is my family. Babbu throttles her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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