Nimki Mukhiya 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi sends Babbu and Nimki for a movie

Nimki Mukhiya 2nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki sits on floor and says I will not go to training and protest here. Tettar asks Diamond to say sorry, he shouts to say sorry. Diamond says sorry. Nimki gets up and says good, I will go for training, dont worry father in law, she leaves. Mai looks on.

Mauha asks Mono to study good. Ram says listen to her. Mono says Nimki never studied but passed. Mauha says Nimki is a drama. Ram says she used to even start crying for drama. Tunee comes there and asks if Nimki is fine? someone beat Nimki? I dont like her mother in law, I knew this marriage is a drama. Mono says she was acting and cried one time. Mauha says why did you say that marriage is a drama? Tunee says I was joking. He leaves. Mauha thinks Tunee is hiding something.

In training class, Abhi asks if anyone can solve

question on computer? Nimki says I will do it. She sits and works on computer, she opens PC. Babbu sees it and says she understood all this in one class? Nimki says I know how to work on PC, she sees Babbu looking at her and says he is looking at me like we are college lovers. Babbu says people dont look at me. Abhi says only few minutes are left, wait Babbu. Nimki solves problem. Abhi ends call.
Nimki comes to Babbu and says why you were staring at me? He says nothing. Abhi comes there and says Nimki you did nice,you both should get reward, Babbu didnt distract you. He gives her movie tickets. nimki thanks him. Babbu says its not needed. Abhi says its near, please go. Manager says its time to enjoy. Abhi calls cinema and says Babbu and Nimki are coming to watch movie, take care of them, he ends call. Babbu says we cant go,we have to leave. Nimki says Abhi please pacify Babbu, I am going to touch up makeup, she leaves. Abhi says to Babbu that cinema manager is a politician and if you dont go then Tettar will know and he will feel bad.

Scene 2
Mauha asks Tunee what you know? why did you say that Nimki’s inlaws will be cruel to her? please tell me, Nimki will never tell me. Nimki calls Mauha. Mauha says what pain you have? Nimki says I am so excited, Babbu is taking me to watch movie, I called you because I am excited, I always dreamt to watch movies with my husband and time has come. Mauha smiles and says you never change, she ends call. She says to Tune that you scared me, Nimki is going to watch movie with Babbu, she is happy, I can never see her in pain. Tunee says I just saw bad dream. Mauha says my sister is living her dreams today. Tunee looks on.

Grandma is crying in pain. rekha asks if she is dying? Grandma says I have stomach ache. Mai says you keep eating chips, this will happen. Rekha says I will bring gastric medicine. Mai asks Sweety to call Babbu and bring medicine. Sweety calls Babbu, Babbu has gone, Abhi sees his phone ringing, Abhi takes call, Sweety says bring medicine for grandma. Abhi says its not Babbu but Abhi. Sweety asks where is Babbu? Abhi says Babbu and Nimki have gone to watch movie in cinema, they are couple and enjoying, should I send medicine? Sweety ends call and tells to family. Mai says Babbu has gone to watch cinema with Nimki? Rekha says they must be romancing there. Mai shouts Diamond take out car.

PRECAP- In cinema, Babbu and Nimki are watching movie alone. Babbu is sitting few seats away from Nimki. Nimki looks at Babbu and says hot. Mai comes there and stops movie. Babbu is shocked to see her there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Baaki to the hai but I want a new love interest for Abhi. Maybe Sweety? Her husband is a bad guy right?

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