Nimki Mukhiya 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki is excited for entering in palace

Nimki Mukhiya 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says to Mai that I wont come in house from back door, I married and is a proud daughter in law, you can get this door cleaned, ask your servants to take off this pillar, he asks Tettar to do something, Tettar asks Dayya to take off pillar, Nimki says back door doesnt even look good, I have to send photos to my friends too. Dayya and servants try to pick pillar up. Rekha says this bride talks so much? I didnt speak for months when I got married, Grandma says time for good muhrat is passing, Dayya picks pillar. Rekha says kalash broke too. Nimki says dont worry, she gives her purse to Babbu, she takes one pot, decorates it and puts it on door, she says I will use this kalash, Mannu says good time passed, if she enters now then it will be bad omen and Babbu and marriage will not

be safe. Mai says no no, Babbu should be saved. Nimki says if this is about babbu and marriage then I will enter from back door, Mai says lets do it, Nimki and Babbu leaves. Tettar says to Mai that you are playing games. Mai says I told you I wont let her enter my house.
Nimki and Babbu comes to back door of house, Mai asks Babbu to go in house, he goes inside. Nimki says I should come inside to take grandma’s blessing too. Mai says no you stop. Babbu leaves. Servant asks Nimki to sit outside door, Nimki says why? guest says you are eager. Sweety says you and Babbu will do ring finding ritual. Nimki says I will find it first.

Abhi looks at smileys in his phone and recalls how Nimki asked him to promise to send her smileys daily. Elena comes there and says you want to text Nimki? Abhi says no she must be busy, she doesnt need my smiley. Aunt says but you need it? are you happy? Abhi says yes I am happy, my princess Elena was looking pretty in wedding. Aunt says look at your face, you are frowning, you dont smile, she asks Elena to go in her room, she leaves. Aunt says cry Abhi if you want. Abhi gets teary eyed and says why I dont have smileys in life?

Scene 2
Nimki sits outside palace and says what is happening? guest asks her to wait. grandma sits on her sofa. Nimmki says I will sit like this. Mai sits in Grandma’s feet, all laugh. Mai says this is not circus, she whispers to Sweety that end this drama fast. Grandma asks to start ritual. Nimki stands beside Babbu and says we have to do ritual together.

Ram looks at safe Nimki gave him and smiles. Bua says I will leave tomorrow. Muaha says no Nimki will come tomorrow, wait to meet her. Ram smiles to himself, Mono asks if he remembered Nimki? Ram says she made us smile all the time. Mauha says now missing her makes me cry. Ram says dont cry, remember her talks and you will laugh. Bua says they must be having ring ritual now. Muaha says we should ask Nimki.

Babbu and Nimki sits for ring finding ritual. Ring is thrown in milk bowl, grandma says the one who finds ring will rule in house. Rekha says only Mai rules here. Mai says end this game fast. Nimki’s phone rings, its Mauha, Nimki takes call and asks if she missing her? Mauha says no, dont come here, I wont do anything for you. Nimki says I wont comeback, all people are here, they are lovely. Sweety asks Babbu to ask her to end call. Mai whispers to Babbu that dont touch her in this ritual, Nimki looks on.

PRECAP- Rekha says to Mai that if Babbu holds Nimki’s hand in milk bowl then we wouldnt know. Nimki says I will win this ritual. Mai asks Babbu to come aside, he does. Mai says you trust me right? he nods. Mai holds his hand and cuts his palm with knife, Babbu cries in pain, Nimki looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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