Nimki Mukhiya 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki stays at Ram’s house

Nimki Mukhiya 28th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Richa sits down distressed. Chiragh locks the door.
Mono says what will happen now. Ram says let me go and check. Mono says didi is coming here. Ram says did you go to haveli? Nimki sis down silently. Ram says did they say something? Ram says tell me what happened. Nimki says I went to kundan’s house. ram says they are married now. Nimki says this shouldn’t have happened. I was mukhiya and I couldn’t stop this wedding. Ram says you tried you best. Nimki says I can’t just forget it. Ram says I am really worried for you. Chachi says take nimki to haveli. Nimki says I wont go. Ram says okay you will stay here tonight. Nimki gets a call from Babu. she doesn’t pick.
Babu is angry. Babbu says she hung up on me. Annaro says see her courage. Annaro calls

Ram and says wont you send your daughter here? Don’t you have any manners? Ram says she isn’t out. She is in her home. Annaor says send her here right now. Ram says you are very angry. Nimki is home right now. She wont go right now. Annaro says what id you say? He says I said she wont go. everyone is dazed. Annar shouts and says he said nimki wont come. Tettar says how dare he. Sweeti says they have self respect. Annaro says wht worth is he in front of me. Go babbu and shoot that ram and drag that nimki here. Babbu leaves. Tettar says stop. Don’t ruin our name more. She wont come.

Annaro says he said he wont send his daughtr here. Tettar says we don’t need her back here either. Let her be there. Babbu says he is right.
Nimki tries to sleep. Mono says to mauha nimki is still up. Nimki recalls what Richa said. Mauha says did why are you not sleeping? Are you thinking about richa? Nimki says no. I miss my bed. Mono says how good is your bed? She says its really soft. Mauha says we know youa re trying to hide your pain. Nimki wakes up and does makeup. Mauha says say something please. She says I think about richa all that time. I couldn’t save her. Mauha says she ruined her life herself. Maybe she is happy right now. Nimki says its her father’s mistake not her. He doesn’t understand his daughter. And then there is our father standing on the door and wondering why are we no asleep. Ram comes in. Nimki says why are all fathers not like you ram says you said I am one of my kind. They all hug Ram.

Sweeti comes out. she recalls diamond saying I will kick out nimki’s stuff. She recalls what everyone said. She says thank God Nimki didn’t come back. I should talk to her and support her in this time. Sweeti picks phone. Tettar sees her. He says who are you calling? Ritu? Why would you worry about him. You must be worried for that nimki right? Whole house is after her. Your amma hates her so much that she can’t sleep and then there is you who is so worried for nimki that you can’t sleep. Annaro says hate and worry are different. Tettar says why are you so worried for her? Sweeti says what did she do that you have so much hate for her?
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Update Credit to: Atiba

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