Nimki Mukhiya 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki consoles Tunee for not being there

Nimki Mukhiya 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abhi sees Tunee and Nimki in room, he asks if everything is fine? are you both joking? He says seems like Tunee is in love. Nimki laughs. Abhi says lets have lunch. Nimki says my husband is bringing chinese food, I will eat that, Abhi nods and leaves. Tunee cries, Nimki asks why are you crying? Tunee says I am your criminal, I got to know this marriage is a cheating but I didnt stop it, I got angry and didnt stop it, please punish me and beat me. Nimki says dont blame yourself, I started loving Babbu, I would have married Babbu even if you told me truth, I started loving him so I cant hear bad words for him, but its very late now, my father matters to me most, when he gets to know about it then he might get heart attack, what if anything happens to him? who will take care of family?

Tunee sadly looks at her and says you think about others a lot. Nimki says I am heroine, she says promise to not tell this to anyone. Tunee promises. Nimki wipes his tears and smiles.

Scene 2
In palace, women are watching dabang. Rekha imagines Babbu and Nimki in tere mast mast do nain song. She imagines Babbu dancing with Nimki, she imagines them romancing, Babbu twirling her around, roaming around with her.. She screams no. Mai asks what happened? Rekha says Babbu was dancing with Nimki. Sweety says its Salman and Sonakshi, its not Babbu and Nimki. Mai says to Rekha what are you thinking? Rekha says Babbu can fall for Nimki. Mai says I trust my Babbu, he will never fall for Nimki. Rekha says Nimki keeps trying to trap Babbu. Sweety says she will remain villager for Babbu. Grandma says I know she has good features, she knows how to trap guys, she has antics like heroine but Babbu wont be trapped. Mai thinks about it.

At Abhi’s home, Elena says I want to meet Nimki. Abhi says I cant take you to training, you can meet her later. Aunt sends her to do homework. Aunt says to Abhi that you are happy after many days. Abhi says I have been hurt but now I am starting again, I just want Nimki to be best head and stop Tettar’s plans and make Babbu love her too. Elena comes to Abhi and asks if he miss Nimkii? he says no not now.

Nimki, Babbu and Dayya are in car. Nimki tries to talk to Babbu but he remains silent. He asks her to shut up. Nimki says I will shout and tell people how my husband tortures me. There is traffic jam, Dayya tries to solve it. Nimki says to Babbu that you didnt tell me. Babbu says dont even talk about honeymoon. Nimki sees ice-cream and says if you make me eat it then I will not talk whole way home. Babbu buys ice-cream. Nimki asks Babbu to eat too. She gives it to Babbu. Dayya is trying to end traffic jam. Mai calls dayya and asks where is Babbu and Nimki? Dayya says they are eating ice-cream.. Mai shouts that are you mad? my Babbu would never eat ice cream with her, end call! Dayya ends call and gives phone to Babbu.

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