Nimki Mukhiya 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Aunt questions Abhi and Nimki’s relation

Nimki Mukhiya 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Teacher says to Diamond that Nimki have got such mice market, you work hard too. Tettar hears it and makes teacher stand on table. Tettar asks him to say sorry to Diamond. Ritu says how dare you compare diamond with that Nimki? Tettar says that girl is from lower class, teacher says sorry. Tettar says tell people that Nimki have cheated in exam and she will not do anything for upper class.

Abhi, Nimki and Elena are in fields. Elena is playing. Nimki asks if he had love marriage? I want love marriage, I want rich man. Abhi says I had arranged marriage, Nimki says Elena told me that you loved your wife a lot, Abhi says a lot. Nimki says dont marry again, step mothers are not nice. Elena comes there and asks Abhi to take selfie, Abhi takes selfie with them.
Tettar and Ritu

are in car, they are passingby fields, Tettar says after elections, we can setup cement factory. Ritu says we have to think about votes, voters are not in favor of Jhumri, they are favoring Nimki behind our backs. Ritu sees Abhi and Nimki and stops car. Tettar says its BDO Abhi, Ritu says see who is with him, Tettar says Abhi supports her a lot, Ritu says that see how they are laughing and enjoying. Tettar says upper class is supporting her but when they will know that she have trapped man of upper class then she will know reality, Ritu says lets take their photo now. Tettar says promote it at every village.

Aunt bring photos of women to Abhi and says they are available for marriage. Abhi says I dont want to marry and bring step mother. Abhi gets Nimki’s message, Aunt says she is a flirt, she slept at your house alone? Abhi says dont have small thinking. Aunt asks if he has affair with her? Abhi gets angry and says enough, dont call her a flirt, I dont have any affair with her, go to bed, she leaves. Abhi smiles.

Scene 2
In morning, Nimki brings a cock and says he is homeless so I saved his life and brought him home, I was thinking to cook him. Mauha says what? Tunee says she cares about animals too. Mauha says this is Dumri’s cock, Nimki says she is papa’s girlfriend so she wont mind. Ram asks her to leave it. Nimki says I wanted to cook it. Tunee says Ram if you cook it then you will become famous. Nimki says see his leg piece. Ram says it is nice. Nimki asks Mauha if she doesnt want to eat it? Mauha says I do want to eat chicken. Ram says lets cook, they all run behind cock and catches it.

Ritu gets call and is tensed. Tettar says what happened? Ritu says other party Pawan have given money to Sunil.Babbu says how can this happen? Pawan is against us, Tettar says you should have shot him when he came here. Ritu asks him to sign papers but Tettar says nothing is working out here. Jhumri and her husband comes there. Tettar asks why you are late? Her husband says Jhumri’s mother is ill, can she take off for 2 days? Tettar says how will we handle things here? Jhumri says my mother is very ill, please let me go. Babbu says you people know how to take cow dung only. Babbu beats them with belt, Jhumri starts bleeding on head. Tettar is happy with it.

Elena says to Abhi that Nimki called, he tries to talk but he cant hear here. Abhi calls Ram and says Nimki was calling me. Ram says she has gone to market to bring spices, Abhi asks what he is cooking? Ram says I am cooking Abhi, Abhi says please send some here too. Ram says I will send it, he ends call. Ram says Dumri didnt get to know about her cock? Dumri comes there and screams Ram!
PRECAP- Babbu gets pictures of Nimki and Abhi enjoying in fields. He shows it to Tettar and says this BDO is enjoying too much with her. Tettar says now lower class’s respect will be ruined using these and upper class will think that Abhi’s disrespecting them by mingling with lower class.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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