Nimki Mukhiya 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Richa doesn’t listen to Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai is waiting for Nimki and says I want to see her defeated face. Sweety comes there. Mai asks where is your Nimki? she couldnt stop Chirag’s marriage with Richa. Sweety says you are too happy. Mai says Nimki got to know her value, she is too ashamed that she cant come here, Tettar is against her too. Sweety says Tettar needs her and cant throw Nimki out of house and Nimki will respectfully live here.

Tunee says to Ram that you should go to Nimki’s house with her. Mauha says what if they raise hand on her? Tunee says I will burn palace. Ram says I will apologize on Nimki’s behalf. Mauha says she didnt do anything wrong. Ram says Nimki didnt do wrong but she went against her inlaws so we have to handle her.

Mai says Nimki wont come today. Servant says she

thinks this is her house and will definitely come here, Mai gets angry and shouts at her. Diamond says to Mai that you should call Chirag and Richa for dinner, Nimki will burn down. Mai smirks.

Ram says to Nimki that lets go to your house. Nimki says there is no one my own there, Tettar, Ritu, Dublo, all have done rape of my hope, my trust, what will I do by going there? Tunee says you are taking it to heart. Nimki says no I am taking it to my mind now, she asks Ram to not stop her, she leaves with Tunee.

Dublo comes to Tettar and says you won the challenge then why are you tensed? Diamond says Nimki didnt come till now. Babbu says we have to show her standard today. Mai says I want to see her defeated face. She asks Tettar to not be nice with her. Sweety looks on. Tettar asks what she is thinking? Sweety says she tried to help a helpless girl and couldnt do it, you people lost actually. Babbu says Richa had to marry Chirag and now we will teach lesson to Nimki to never go against her. Dublo says Rekha have headache, I will go take medicine for her. Tettar strangles him and says we are talking important stuff. Mai says I have to punish Nimki. Tettar says we will give verdict to her case tomorrow, go to sleep. Mai says not tomorrow, I will punish her today, she asks Babbu to call her and ask her to come here.

Scene 2
Richa is in Chirag’s room. She takes off her jewelry. She turns to see Nimki and Tunee coming there. Nimki asks why did you do it? I could have stopped the wedding, I went against everyone then why did you make me lose? Richa looks away. Nimki says you can spend whole life with that jerk? Tunee says Nimki could have gotten Chirag punished. Nimki says we still have time, come with me and give statement against him. Richa doesnt answer. Nimki says how can you marry your rapist? Richa shouts that Chirag didnt rape me, this society raped me, my father raped me, my mother raped me, the father who worries about respect more than his daughter, girls dont have respect in this world, we are in this world just to please men, my father is in peace not because his daughter is happy but because his respect is saved in this society. She cries. Nimki says no this society have father like Ram who can fight the whole world for their daughters, when I went to cinema for first time, my father took me, all made fun of him but he wanted to see me happy so he fought for me. Richa says I am not Ram’s daughter, I am Soraj’s daughter. Tunee says you are not Nimki too. Richa says leave me on my own, atleast my father is happy now, so what if I got raped? I got married so I will live with respect. Nimki says what respect are you talking about? Richa says what had to happen has happened so please leave now, I am married now so leave. They hear someone coming. Nimki and Tunee jumps out of Richa’s room. Chirag comes in room and says to Richa that you made my life hell so I will destroy your life now. Richa looks at window. Chirag asks who is there? He looks out of window but Nimki and Tunee hides away.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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