Nimki Mukhiya 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update? Tunee confronts Nimki about her marriage

Nimki Mukhiya 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu says to Abhi that cant I talk to my wife? Nimki blushes and asks Abhi to give them time, he leaves. Nimki says when you talk me like this, I love it. Nimki asks Dayya leave. Babbu says go for training, dont talk about honeymoon, Nimki says you have to stay with me for training otherwise I will talk about it.

Rekha says to Dublo that Tettar is going to political function in Patna, you should go with him to make more ties with him and get money too, Dublo asks him to stop it. Ritu comes there and says you should go with Tettar to Patna. Dublo says no. Ritu says no you are his son, you should go there, Tettar should give you money for new business, how much money you want? Dublo says 12 lacs. Ritu says I will take 15lacs from Tettar, 3 lacs will be my commission, Dublo says

you want commission from me? you do this with family too? Ritu says I am doing this for your sister, think about it.

In training, Abhi starts teaching people. Nimki switches seats to sit near window. Babbu is sitting outside, she winks at him from window, Babbu glares at him. Abhi is teaching and says to Nimki that you can go out if you want. Nimki says no no.. Nimki smiles and winks at Babbu. Dayya says to Babbu that she is winking at you, Babbu says so what? Dayya says you are liking it? Babbu asks him to shut up. Nimki keeps blushing at Babbu. Abhi says what I lecturing about? Nimki tries to answer and but doesnt know anything, Nimki whispers Babbu to help her. Dayya says she wants help. Babbu slaps him and asks him to shut up. Abhi comes to Babbu and says you are distracting Nimki, you should leave. Babbu murmurs I dont want to be here too, he leaves with Dayya.

Ram is cleaning his car, Mauha says to Dumri that Ram’s training for head’s father has started too. Dumri asks if Nimki reached on time for training today? Mono says she reached before time. Dumri says thats great. Villager comes to Ram and says I have some work, someone took my property, they are not giving back, he gives him gold chain and says please bring my property back. Ram shouts that you are giving me bribe for it? government wants to right but people are bad here, Nimki will change everything here.

In training, Nimki tries to answer Abhi’s question, Nimki answers his question, all clap. Manager comes there and says its time for lunch, all leave. Nimki says to Abhi that we didnt know about schemes of government, Abhi says we dont know many things, he says lets go for lunch, Nimki says no I will eat with my husband, he nods and leaves. Nimki says dont know what he thinks about himself. Tunee comes to Nimki and says I thought to meet you, I was passingby. Tunee asks if she wants juice? nimki says no I drink colddrink in palace, there are so much food on table there. Tunee says they really take care of you? Nimki says yes my mother and father in law call me daughter. Tunee says where is Babbu? Nimki says Babbu brought me here, Abhi got jealous and asks Babbu to leave, dont know what happened to Abhi. Tunee says you are lying? tell me truly, Babbu loves you for real? Nimki says he brings me here daily, he messages me every minute. Tunee says show me. Nimki says its private. Tunee says swear on me that Babbu really loves you. Nimki looks away. Tunee says just swear on me.. you can fool everyone but not me, I know truth of your marriage, I went to palace on your wedding, I got to know truth then. He tells her how Dublo told him that this marriage is just a game to get Nimki’s head status. Nimki turns and sees Abhi standing there.

PRECAP- Babbu and Nimki dances on tere mast mast do nain, Nimki blushes. Babbu dances and romances around her, he lifts her in his arms and smiles at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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