Nimki Mukhiya 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Nimki Mukhiya 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sweety applies balm on Babbu’s hand. Tettar says Babbu shot his uncle’s hand when he was 11 years old, all laugh. Mai scolds Rekha for not cooking nicely. Dayya comes there and is tensed. Babbu asks what happened? how was rally? Dayya says it was fine but Nimki destroyed everything, he tells them how Nimki saved kid’s life, Dayya says our class started chanting for her too. Babbu slaps him and says you didnt shoot them? Dayya says its elections time so I couldnt do anything. Babbu says we have respect that we cant avoid for elections. Tettar says he is right, we have to teach this girl lesson, Babbu says shoot her. Ritu says you make everything about respect, we have to meet upper class to ask for votes. Mai thinks what this Nimki have?

Ram says to Nimki that

Tettar can make this issue. Mono says Nimki beat that Mukesh and he wont beat me alone. Ram says beating was not needed. Tunee says everyone thought Nimki was saving Mukesh’s life, all started chanting for Nimki. Nahar comes there with sweets and says I got to know about what Nimki did, he gives sweets to her, she says I dont eat these sweets, Mono takes it. Nahar says upper class is talking about Nimki now, they will vote for her, all villagers and upper class people are going to vote for her.

Aunt brings Elena on bed and sits with Abhi, she says I like this house. Abhi says you didnt inform me before coming? She says I wanted to surprise you.Abhi gets message, Elena says it must be from his girlfriend, Abhi says nothing like that. Aunt says I have brought proposals of five girls, you can check which one you like, Abhi laughs. Aunt says the girl who was here today? yes Nimki, who is she? Elena says she is our friend, she brings food for us, she shows her diwali’s pictures. Aunt says she was roaming here like queen, she doesnt have to bring food, I will cook food from now on, Abhi says no, you dont have to worry, she says no I will cook now, she leaves. Abhi says to Elena that we cant have chicken now.

Scene 2
In morning, Aunt is dancing and cooking. Door bell rings, she opens door. Nimki is there, Aunt glares at her. She tries to come inside but Aunt stops her. Nimki says you want eye staring competition? you will have to make me eat ice cream when you lose. Aunt says leave. Nimki says I am family too, where is your Tinku? I brought food for him, Aunt says food is not needed. Nimki turns to leave but runs in house and says I made food, its so heavy, I walk in sunlight to bring this, Aunt says but I have made food and you are not needed. Nimki says I will take your food, I will keep my food here, Aunt says not. Aunt tries to push her out of house but Nimki runs around and looks here and there. Nimki says I lost my earring here, check. Aunt says I found them but I threw it away, it was bad. Nimki says everything of mine is great, I am leaving now. Aunt closes door on her face. Abhi and Elena comes back home, Nimki is outside house and says she threw my earring and is not taking food, she says to Abhi that you changed party and stopped lunchbox as soon as aunt came? Abhi says she loves us and wants to cook for us, Nimki says what about my earring, they were very expansive. Abhi says dont have bad mood, I will bring earrings for you, lets go for walk. Nimki says my father is not that rich so I have keep things safe. Abhi, Elena and Nimki goes on a walk.

Teacher is making Diamond study but Diamond is using phone. Mai comes there and says he keeps using phone, she asks him to study but he is still using phone. Tettar and Ritu comes there. Teacher says to Diamond that please study, that Nimki got so nice grades and doing good work now, Tettar glares at him.

PRECAP- Abhi, Elena and Nimki are walking in fields and enjoying. Tettar and Ritu are in car and sees them together. Ritu says see Nimki with BDO Abhi? should we play an old game? Tettar says Nimki is getting support from upper class but when they will know that she have trapped a man from upper class then.. send her photo with him to every panchayat tomorrow in every village. Ritu smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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