Nimki Mukhiya 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki says she wont leave Babbu’s room

Nimki Mukhiya 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dablo says she calls my mom nani. Elena says she is an angry old woman. Ram says nimki you should go home. We will stay here. Dablo says we should stay here. Ram should stay too. Nimki says aren’t friends friends after marriage? I can stay here. Abhi says you should go. Because if you stay we will have to take care of you instead. Nimki says okay then I am leaving. I will bring food daily. Ram says we will bring it. Nimki says i will bring it from haveli.

At night, Annaro says now she will get back to her servant quarter. Parbatiya comes in and says nimki.. Annaro runs outside. She says don’t you dare entering my babbu’s room. Nimki goes there anyway. She puts her clothes in his closet. She says get out of here. She says I will live here now since I came. Annaro

says tettar.. She is saying she will stay here. Ritu says elena left. Nimki says I will stay here. Tettar says this is babu’s room. She says of course. He can live here as well. i wont go back to that room. And that fan there doesn’t work either. I wont go anywhere. she sits on the sofa. Annaro is dazed. Nimki says I was saying lets sit and talk. Have a seat. Annaro says what do you think of yourself. What worth do you have. Tettar says what’s going on in your mind. Stop arguing with us. Go back to your room. Ritu says please I supported you so much. This is a little too much. Tettar says you should know that I am.. Nimki picks phone and calls someone. Rekha says is she calling BDO? Annaro says are we scared of him? Nimki says yes Nehar.. Everyone is dazed. Nimki says how are you? She says what if i tell you that the candidate for elections tettar.. keeps his daughter in law in servant quarter will that increase his votes or decrease? Tettar takes the phone and says what are you doing. He picks the phone. She says i didn’t call but i might next time. Every time Ananro shouts at me I want to record her voice and make it public but then you would lose elections and will have no respect even in this house. tettar is about to break her phone. She says give it back to me.

Scene 2
Rkeha says nimki is so clever. She even insulted Tettar. Dablo says we should get our work done. I went today but couldn’t talk but we will go tomorrow.
Elena says to Abhi tells me a lion story. Nimki used to read me good stories. She has hiccups. He says who is missing you. She says must be nimki. Elena goes out to get water. She breaks the glass. Abhi cleans the broken glass. He says go and sleep. he says elena is growing up.

Annaro says I told you she is very clever. she runs this house now. she will make you all dance like a puppet. Sweeti says she learned that from you all. Babbu comes and says what is happening in this house. She threatened you and you all listened? Tettar says see.. He says now we will dance on her fingers? Ritu says wait till elections. we will fix everything. Babbu says enough. I am not furniture. Ritu says see.. Babbu says you shut up. you just talk rubbish. He goes to his room. Nimki is there.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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