Nimki Mukhiya 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki takes pheras with Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu takes garland, Diamond and Ritu makes Babbu jump above Nimki so she cant make him wear garland, Nimki says fine keep him up, I will wait, Ritu gets tired holding Babbu and says just put him down. Nimki says you will lose me Babbu. Mai says put him down, this is not a joke. Nimki says my mother in law has started supporting me, Ritu and Dimond puts Babbu down. Mai says Nimki you cant reach him, Babbu keep standing up, she wont reach you. Nimki says thats easy, she asks Abhi to come forward, he does.

Servant comes to Dublo’s room, Dublo is tied to a chair. Dublo asks him to leave him. Tunee hides outside his room and sees Dublo tied.

Nimki asks Abhi to lift her up, he does, Nimki makes Babbu wear garland. Babbu makes Nimki wear it too, Nimki smiles. Nimki says

to Mai that see I reached him, I have Abhi to help me out, Abhi smiles. Aunt sadly looks at him.

Servant gives food to Dublo but he asks him to leave, he says if you free me then I will give you money, servant doesnt listen to him and leaves. Tunee sees all this and thinks that why they tied their son? something is different, should I go inside?

In wedding, priest starts mantras, Nimki puts her hand in Babbu’s hand, Nimki says one minute, I dont understand why I have to keep my hand in his? all shrug.

Tunee comes to Dublo’s room and shakes him, Dublo says you?

Nimki and Babbu are doing rituals of marriage, Ram blesses her.

Dublo says to Tunee that I have to go, he faints, Tunee sprinkles water at him, he wakes up, Tunee says wedding is going to happen, what is happening? why are you here?

Priest starts mantras, he asks Babbu and Nimki to start pheras. Abhi moves away and calls Tunee but he is not picking up. Mauha gives flowers to Mai but Mai says we have ours with us.

Dublo says to Tunee that this is all Tettar’s drama, he just wants village head Nimki not daughter in law Nimki, Tunee says what? Dublo faints. Tunee says Tettar is getting Babbu married to Nimki for power? I have to stop this wedding at any cost.

Priest asks Nimki to say vows after first phera, Nimki says I will be with Babbu through happiness and sadness, I accept him, she blushes. Babbu looks at her and recalls how he wanted Nimki to die. Nimki says promise you will never leave me too, he nods.

Abhi calls Tunee. Tunee is hiding from Tettar’s goons, he runs from his palace.

Nimki and Babbu takes second phera. Priest says promise to respect each others parents. Nimki says Babbu you will respect my father as you respect yours, he nods. They start taking third phera. Ram is emotional, priest says third promise is that he will provide her all luxuries and peace. Nimki asks Babbu to promise to take care of her till old age, Babbu nods and recalls how Mai asked him to promise to never touch her.

Tunee starts his bike and goes to wedding venue but his bike stops. Tunee looks around for help but leaves bike and runs to venue.

Nimki and Babbu takes fourth phera, priest says vow is that he will take care of family, always give her peace. Nimki says so many promises from Babbu? its like he is slave, Rekha says you are going to be slave, all look at her.

PRECAP- Nimki and Babbu are taking pheras, Tunee runs to venue. He comes there and is in tears seeing them completing pheras.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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