Nimki Mukhiya 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki reaches on time for training

Nimki Mukhiya 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki sees Mai and Sweety coming down in lounge, she runs from there and goes to her room. Sweety and Mai comes there. Sweety says she is sleeping in her room, she didnt come in house. Mai says you wanted to talk? Sweety says no worries, father is busy in politics and you focusing on nimki, I dont come first in line ever. She sadly leaves.

In morning, Tettar asks Mai if Nimki woke up or not? Ritu says lets wake her up. Tettar knocks on her door. Ritu says sister in law ji.. Mai says dont give her too much respect. Nimki comes there from bathroom and says why you are shouting? I am awake, ask Babbu to wake up too, Abhi insulted us so I wont take it now, I will go on time. She asks servant to bring bread for her. Mai says bread? Nimki says yes dont know what bread is and you live

in palace? I used to eat cheese with bread in my house, she asks servant to bring anything. She asks Mai to wake up Babbu, I will do my makeup, she goes to her room.

Ram is ready to leave house but Tunee comes there. Mauha says you are free that you keep coming here? Tunee says no one valued me but remember it all did bad for you, you got less but you will know soon. Mono says you say anything. Mauha says Nimki woke up on time today.

Babbu, Dayya and Nimki are in car. Nimki says I will tell Abhi off today, I will reach on time, he doesnt know head Nimki. Dayya snickers. Nimki says dont talk between husband and wife. She asks Babbu do you like Nainital for honeymoon? Switzerland is good too. He stops car and says what? Nimki says I am shy, we will go on honeymoon. Babbu asks her to get down from car. Nimki says why? you dont have money to take me to Switzerland? Dayya says he can take you today only, he has that much money. Babbu says house environment is tensed and you are thinking about honeymoon? get down from car, Nimki says we have to go for training, Babbu says just get down. Nimki says fine, I dont like to ride in your car too, she gets off from his car. Babbu drives away. Dayya says what did you do? what if people see palace’s daughter in law on roads? Babbu goes to pick up Nimki but sees Nimki in rickshaw. Nimki shouts that I am going to training, come behind, Babbu follows her.

Scene 2
Tettar says to Mai that we have to go to a birthday party of famous politician, all are coming, we have to go there, Mai says I dont want to go there, I wont leave palace, Tettar says all important people will be there in Patna. Mai says I cant leave house with that Nimki here. Ritu comes there and says we finalized deal to get house we wanted, he wants to meet us in Delhi. Mai says just take Ritu in birthday function too.

At training centre, Abhi is waiting for Nimki. Manager says only 5 minutes are remaining, she wont come on time. Abhi says lets bet she will come. Nimki arrives there in rickshaw. She says to Abhi that you cant throw me out of class today. Abhi says you came alone? Babbu arrives there. Abhi says you didnt come together? Babbu says my car broke so I sent her. Nimki says no he is lying, we were planning about honeymoon. Abhi gets tensed. Babbu says lets go inside. Nimki says no let me tell Abhi, he knows everything. Ram calls Nimkii, Nimki says I reached on time, dont worry, she ends call. Babbu tries to drag Nimki but Abhi says be gentle. Babbu says she is my wife, cant I talk to her alone? Abhi looks on.

PRECAP- Tunee says to Nimki that swear on me that Babbu loves you. Nimki says what are you saying? Tunee says you can fool the world but not me, on your marriage day, I went to palace and got to know the truth. Nimki is stunned, she turns to see Abhi standing on door, she is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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