Nimki Mukhiya 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki saves life of upper class guy

Nimki Mukhiya 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Old woman comes in Abhi’s house. Nimki says who are you? why are you coming inside? Old woman says are you wearing my nephew’s shirt? he is my Tinku’s shirt, I am his aunty. Nimki says its not Tinku’s house, old woman says this is BDO’s office right? she says yes but Abhi wont search your Tinku, she throws old woman out and closes door. Abhi and Elena comes back, Elena hugs her, Abhi says maasi you here? Maasi says I was coming here for diwali but someone robbed me and one woman is not letting me inside house. Abhi knocks on door, Nimki opens door, aunt comes in house, Nimki says this woman keeps coming in house, she is finding some Tinku. Elena says Abhi is Tinku, Abhi gets embarrassed and says she is my aunt. Nimki says I am sorry aunty, I didnt think

handsome man can have name like Tinku? she throws Abhi’s shirt, aunt takes it, Nimki leaves.

Dayya is scolding servants and asks him to work. Babbu comes there and says you are acting too much, Mai says we can call dadi and she can kill him, Dayya says no dont call her. Tettar comes there and says today we will have good rally and then everyone will vote for Jhumri. Dayya says we can take rally to Nimki’s house, all laugh. Dayya says Jhumri and her husband havent cometillnow. Tettar says where they are?

Tunee says to Ram that Nimki is still at Abhi’s house, what if people get to know about it? Ram says there is nothing wrong. Nimki comes there and says Abhi’s aunt destroyed my mood, she laughs and says his aunt call him Tinku, Tunee laughs, Mauha says your name is Tunee too, Nimki says it suits him but handsome man like Abhi being called Tinku? she laughs. Ram asks Tunee to not tell anyone, he leaves. Tunee says to Nimki that I brought generator for you, Nimki says but its not like AC. Mono comes there crying, he says Mukesh, son of shop owner beat me again because we are from lower class, Nimkii says we wont spare Mukesh.

Jhumri and her husband comes to Tettar, Tettar asks where were you? husband says villager stopped us for tea, Tettar says so now you are getting tea offers? he throws cup at him. Babbu asks him to remain cool.

Mono comes to Mukesh, Mukesh says you want to get beaten again? Nimki and others come there, Mukesh says you cant touch me, I am from upper class, Nimki touches him and says I did, what can you do? Mono touches him too, Tunee says how dare you touch Mono? Mukesh says I am leaving, Nimki says but we came to beat you, Mukesh starts running, Nimki and Tunee runs behind him. Mukesh falls in lake after slipping, Nimki says I will beat him in water too, she jumps behind him. Jhumri’s rally is going from there. Rally stops too. Nimki says from water that I will bring you out then beat you. Nimki takes Mukesh in her hands, she saves his life and brings him out of shore. Dayya says she touched upper class’s guy, one man says she saved his life. Tunee says doesnt take back from saving lives, all start chanting for Nimki.Nimki sees Mukesh unconscious, she pushes water out of him, all are chanting for Nimki, Dayya tries to chant for Jhumri but all start supporting Nimki. Dayya is angry.

PRECAP- Dayya comes home and says Nimki destroyed our rally, Babbu slaps him and says you couldnt do anything? Tettar says she is becoming hero in village, we have to teach him lesson.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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