Nimki Mukhiya 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki has sleepover at Abhi’s house

Nimki Mukhiya 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki calls Tunee and says how will I sleep here in hot weather? Tunee says you can come on my terrace, she says what? Ram takes call. tunee says just dodge your father and comes here. Ram shouts that if you make my Nimki give fake ideas, I will beat you so much.

Rekha and Dublo are in room,she says if there was no generator then we wouldnt be able to sleep. Dublo says I Was thinking to start generator business, everyone wants generator these days, Rekha says I dont understand you, you cant focus on one business, Dublo says you dont understand things.

Ram is sleeping onbed, he falls down, he wakes up. Mauha wakes up and asks what happened? he says nothing, he sees Nimki gone and asks where is Nimki? Mauha says she must be sleeping in car. They check his car but she is

not sleeping in car, Ram says it must Tunee, he must have took her, Mauha says break his legs. Tunee comes there with generator, Ram beats him and asks where is Nimki? he says I dont know, Ram says I will beat you so much.Tune says I dont lie, I brought generator for her but she is not here. Mauha says where is Nimki then? Ram gets tensed.

Abhi is setting bed for Elena. Elena says I fired so many crackers with Nimki. Elena says you promised to sleep with me. He makes her lie on bed and says I am coming. Door bell rings, Nimki comes inside, Abhi asks you here at night? she says all are sleeping peacefully here, Nimki says I have come here to wish on diwali. Abhi asks everything fine? you have come here at night? Nimki says I was sleeping but I dreamt that you must have headache, your electricity doesnt go? Abhi laughs and says I am fine, you shouldnt have come here alone, its dangerous, you should leave, your father must be worried, she says actually you are right its dangerous to go out at night so I will stay here, Abhi says you stay here, I will call Ram, Nimki says AC must be on, she goes to Elena.
Ram is worried, Mauha says Abhi is calling, Ram takes call, Abhi says Nimki is at my house, Ram says what is she doing there? there is no electricity here, Abhi says thats why she must be here, its not good to let her go out at night, she can stay here tonight, dont worry, he ends call. Mauha says she must have gone because of AC.

Abhi comes in Elena’s room and sees Nimki and Elena cuddling and sleeping, he smiles and leaves.

In morning, Nimki is sleeping, Abhi covers her, Elena says we can take her too, he says let her sleep. Elena says we will take her, she wakes her up, Nimki says let me sleep. Elena and Abhi leaves.

Tunee comes to Ram’s house and calls out for Nimki, Mauha says she hasnt comeback, Tunee says not till now? he says my generator is working and Nimki is not here, I am going to bring Nimki, Mono says you will not go there, Tunee asks Mauha to make breakfast for him. Mauha asks Mono to bring things from shop, Mono says I will not go there, shopkeeper’s son beats me saying that I am from low class. Mauha says we will teach him lesson, we buy things so his business keep working, Tunee says its Nimki’s age now not Tettar’s.

Nimki wakes up in Elena’s room and says sleeping in AC is so good. She comes out of room and doesnt find Abhi and Elena there, she says they left guest here? I am hungry too. He finds music system, she plays it and starts dancing, she finds Abhi’s shirt and wears it, door bell rings, she opens it and finds an old lady standing outside, Nimki gets tensed.

PRECAP- Shopkeeper’s son is about to beat Mono. Nimki and Tunee comes there and asks him to say sorry but he starts running away, Nimki and Tunee runs behind him. Shopkeeper’s son jumps in river, Nimki jumps behind him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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