Nimki Mukhiya 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritu tries to defame Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki helps Ram in cleaning up. Ramla says you used to help these kids shower when they were young now they are helping you. Ramla says let me help you. Tune says will you flirt in front of everyone now? Ram throws stone at him. They all laugh.

Babbu is angry. Sweeti sits diamond and dresses his wound. Babbu says don’t shout anymore. Be a man. tettar says we will take revenge. Babbu says you keep saying that. Sweeti says at least get the divorce done before her. She will keep winning otherwise. Babu you only show all this anger in house.
Nimki says papa looks like Shahruk Kahn. Where to? He says to the lake. ramla says I will go to. Nimki says papa why are there tears in your eyes? Where you bring so many emotions from? We will all enjoy as a family today. For your

entertainment we will take Ramla too. Tune says you should get ready. she says you would leave me. Nimki says she will look like anarkali. Ramla says let me get ready.
Chacha comes and says you have this letter. Tettar said this is answer to your notice. Nimki opens it and is in shock.

Tettar says where is Ritu? Annaro says he is useless. Babu says keep him in my gas agency. He would do something. RItu says i am here. Annaro says that Nimki is roaming around our house. You can’t do anything. Sweeti says she can come here and even insult us. Ritu says I sent this letter to Nimki. She will have to answer in panchayat. Babbu says you can’t do anything. Dalo says you only got a letter in return? Ritu says first listen the matter. When panchayat reads it Nimki would be insulted.
Nimki reads we can’t answer in panchayat. She is the witness and mukhya. we can’t insult a girl in panchayat. Hence we want to go to court. We don’t want the world to know what her character is like. Tune says what. Nimki doesn’t read next. Ram says read it. Tune reads it. He says Nimki was kicked out of the haveli because she had an extra marital affair with someone. She was involved with TUne. Everyone is dazed. Mauha reads next we will say this in court. We can’t hide it anymore.

Annaro says she will be insulted in the whole village. Babbu says I will choose my way. Annaro says send a copy to everyone. Dablo says amma you are a woman too. Diamond says she is very shameless. Ritu says what woudl happen to her dad when she reads it loud.

Mauha says I never thought they could stoop so low. Ram says I will kill them. Nimki says I will see them. Ramla says they would defame you. Nimki says they are scared. They would be defamed too. Ram says take me to haveli I will kill Tettar. Tune calms Ram down. Nimki says we were goin out. Go get ready ramla. Tune says we should answer them. Nimki says now you see what I do with them.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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