Nimki Mukhiya 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi celebrates diwali with Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mauha says to Ram that we cant have diwali without pooja. Abhi and Elena comes there and says why not? all get happy to see him. Nimki says I sent you message for wishing. Abhi says but meeting is different. Abhi gifts them crackers, Mauha says we didnt do pooja as priest left us, Abhi says we will do it, come with me.
Priest does pooja in Tettar’s house.
Abhi does pooja in Nimki’s house. He applies tilak to everyone, Nimki applies Tilak to him.
Priest starts leaving Tettar’s house but Diamond starts firing crackers around him, priest falls down, all laugh.
In village, Nimki is celebrating diwali. Tunee comes there and imagines dancing with Nimki alone. Mono comes to him and says you are stand near rocket, Tunee runs away. Nimki asks Tunee

why he is late? Tunee starts come to her but Abhi comes there and says happy diwali, Tune makes face and says same to you. Tunee says to Nimki thats lets fire crackers, Nimki says I am playing with Elena. Dumri comes to Ram and says you are celebrating alone? Nimki whispers to Abhi that Dumri is Ram’s girlfriend, she is thirsty for him, Ram says dont listen to her. Nahar comes there too. They see fire crackers in air. Nimki says sees like palace has starts celebrating.
In Tettar’s palace, Tettar gets scared of cracker, all laugh. Mai and grandma argue again. Babbu says I can put cracker on hand, Sweety says dont be a fool. Babbu asks Ritu why he is not playing? Ritu says I am worried about Nimki,she has become famous with that blood camp and Jhumri is not famous. Tettar says what if Jhumri gets burned by cracker and come in news? Ritu says you think far ahead. They see rocket cracker, Tettar says we will hit her with rocket, he calls Jhumri there.

Nahar says to Abhi that you have given respect to village by coming here. Abhi says I was missing family so I came here, its nothing. Mauha gets teary eyed hearing him, Abhi says to Ram that your daughters are so different, Mauha is emotional and then Nimki is playing with crackers? Nimki gives a cracker to Dumri and asks her to fire it, Dumri fires it and it bursts on her face, her face blackens with smoke, all laugh.

Tettar makes Jhumri’s husband fire a rocket. Jhumri is standing in a corner. Tettar smirks and moves rocket bottle towards Jhumri but rocket launches towards Grandma, she is about get hit by it but Babbu comes infront of her and his hand burns. Tettar is disappointed.

Nimki is dancing with Abhi, Tunee is jealous of them.

Babbu says to family that nothing happened, I am fine.

At night, Mauha says Abhi brought so many crackers, only Tettar used to had these kind of crackers. Nimki says they must have had bigger function in palace. Ram says we dont care. Nimki shows them photo of Abhi with her family. Suddenly electricity goes out.

At palace, Diamond is taking selfie with Sweety. Mai and Grandma argue again.

Nimki calls Tunee and says there is no electricity, how will I sleep in this hot house? Tunee says you come on my terrace, its good wind here. Nimki thinks about it.

PRECAP- At night, Ram beats Tunee and asks where is Nimki? he says Nimki is not with me. Mauha says if she is not with him and not in car then where is she? they get tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Such a well written, directed, and performed show. Complete and wholesome entertainment!

  2. I liked today’s episode. It was very interesting to see nimki and abhi together

  3. Today’s episode was really good. Nice to see nimki and abhi together

  4. watching abhi and nimki together is good I wished maker inhe pair banata

  5. Am i the only one who wants to see nimki with babbu? Abhi is so much older! The actor is 24 years older than her, and he’s no salman khan?And what will the story be if the pairing is nimki-abhi?

  6. oh wow its so nice today seeing nimki and abhi together

  7. Nimki abhi plss..

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