Nimki Mukhiya 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki kidnaps Chirag

Nimki Mukhiya 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu points gun at Kundan and Chirag, he asks where are you going at night? getting sherwani for Chirag? Diamond laughs. Kundan asks him to go. Babbu says you said yes for marriage and now leaving? Chirag says I dont want to marry her, who is your father to make me to do it. Babbu slaps him and says dont talk to me like that, he asks Kundan to do as Tettar says till elections, he asks Chirag and Kundan to go back home, I can kill you both and nobody would know.
Kundan and Chirag goes in house. Chirag says I wont marry Richa. Kundan says I wont let it happen. Babbu asks Jhariya to lock their house.

Ritu is awake at night and recalls how Tettar asked him to contain Nimki till Richa and Chirag’s marriage. Ritu leaves his room. He locks Nimki’s room and puts a lock

on her door. Servant comes there. He asks what are you doing awake at night? she says putting milk in fridge. She leaves. Ritu locks Nimki’s window too and says you cant win this game from me.

Scene 2
In morning, Kundan makes Chirag jump from window and asks him to go to city.

Chirag is walking on road, a car stops, man says your father sent me here so sit inside. Chirag sits in car and says dont stop till we reach city.

Sweety wakes up and sees Nimki’s room locked. She asks servant if Nimki has gone somewhere? Servant says she is inside. Sweety says what? she tries to open the door. Ritu, Mai and Tettar comes there. Mai says keep her locked there, she should know the consequences of going against your father. Sweety says she is not even answering. Tettar says dont open her door, she challenged me but I will make Chirag marry Richa. Dublo comes there and says I will open the door. Tettar says you cant open her door. Dublo says you took the challenge so you should fight it as a man, if Nimki opens her mouth to people then you wont be able to show your face to anyone. Mai asks him to stop it. Sweety sees blankets on Nimki’s bed and says she is not even moving. Ritu says let me open her door. They open her door and sees that Nimki is not on bed. Mai says where is she? Sweety says she flew away.

Goons bring Chirag to a den and tie him to chairs. Nimki and Tunee comes there. Chirag says so you kidnapped me, you dont know who I am. Nimki sits infront of him and says you think only your father have power? Chirag says this will be bad for you. Nimki says your father cant even save you. Chirag says I am dangerous man. Nimki is about to slap him and says I wont raise hand on you. She slaps him and says I thought to slap him and enjoy the scene, all laugh. Nimki says to Chirag that I will take you to panchayat. Chirag says I am ready to say sorry and will give you money as much as you want. Nimki slaps him and says all will throw shoes at you in panchayat, Tunee says you wont be able to look at any other girl, no girl will marry you. Chirag says I did a mistake, please leave me. Nimki asks her goons to tie him and take him to car. Nimki gets a call from Richa. Richa says my parents forced me to get ready to marry Chirag, they have locked me in a room and will take mt to mandir. Nimki says Chirag is with me and he will not go anywhere but panchayat only.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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