Nimki Mukhiya 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki flirts with Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 23rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says to Abhi that I will sit anywhere, you dont have to give me special treatment. Abhi says I am saying that you are late so you can leave. Nimki says you know I cant wake up in morning. Abhi says you have to come on time here, this is not your palce. Babbu says that is this drama Abhi, dont you want us here. nimki says I cant wake up in morning, you are showing me attitude, I am head and Tettar’s daughter in law. Abhi says I am BDO too, leave from here. Nimki starts leaving, Babbu says Abhi, you.. Abhi says who are you? leave. Abhi says I am Nimki’s husband, Nimki gets happy hearing it. Babbu says you are insulting my wife. Abhi says I dont know any head’s husband. Nimki says I am head, I dont want to stay where I am not respected, Babbu can talk for me, we

will leave, lets go Babbu. Abhi says thank you. Nimki takes Babbu from there. Abhi looks on.

Grandma says to Tettar that we have to go to marriage of relative, Tettar says I dont have time. Mai comes there and says I want to talk to you, Tettar says you started again. Mai says I want to talk about Sweety, you cant see her pain. Tettar says she has everything here. Mai says but nothing is of her husband. Grandma says she is right, she doesnt have respect in this house, Mai says I know you have benefit from your son in law. Ritu comes there and says Abhi threw Nimki and Babbu out of training, he didnt even listen to them. Diamond says Tettar gave space to BDO. Mai beats Diamond and says you dont know rules of this house that you cant talk when elders are talking? Ritu is an outsider so he doesnt know rules of here. Sweety is tensed seeing all this.

Nimki and Dayya are waiting in jeep for Babbu, he has gone to meet some officers. Nimki asks Dayya to bring drink for her, she says do you have shame? you keep coming with us, we are husband and wife and you are interfering between us. Babbu comes there, Nimki gets down from jeep and turns to leave. Babbu says we have to leave, sit in car.

Scene 2
Manager says to Abhi that Nimki is your friend, you shouldnt have done it, you know she is Tettar’s daughter in law, you insulted Babbu too. Abhi shouts at him that dont be afraid of them, he says try to understand them, I know now Nimki will come on time to take revenge from me, I know her. Manager says you know Nimki so well, wish she knew well too.

Nimki asks Babbu to send Dayya away, lets go for some hangout. Babbu says we have to go home. Nimki says Dayya you leave, me and Babbu will go to watch movie, I have tickets too, she puts hand on his shoulder, he looks on. Dayya hints at him, Nimki says we can watch movie when we are out, we will sit together. Babbu jerks away. Nimki says you get shy like Pretty Zinta. Dayya laughs. Babbu asks Nimki to stop rubbish. Nimki says we will do pose her, she does titanic pose with him and says tell me I love you. Babbu asks her to sit in car, she says say I love you first. Babbu says I dont love you, I am dangerous, you are messing with me. nimki starts crying. Babbu says stop crying. Nimki says you dont love me? I am your wife, you destroyed my life. Babbu asks her to stop crying, I wont hurt you, stay way from me. Nimki says lets take selfie, she hugs him and takes selfie with him.

Tettar says to Ritu that Abhi doesnt know power of me, he is messing with us. Dublo says he doesnt listen to anyone. Tettar says we are trying for MLA elections and he is wasting time here. Dublo says Abhi is stubborn. Mai says Dublo you want to play politics too? big people did so mjuch but nothing happened. Tettar says to Ritu that we have to do something. Ritu makes him sit down and says lets Babbu come and then we will ask what happened. Mai says bring Ritu’s coat. Rekha says it wont even fit him. Ritu says you are taunting me? Mai says I am just saying that you are here to assist Tettar, not do any work, Babbu couldnt become head and now Abhi is not even allowing nimki to give it to him.
Ritu says to Mai that politics is like kabaddi,
we have to wait for enemy to come to our circle then grab him and cut off his breath. Babbu comes there and throws table away in anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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