Nimki Mukhiya 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Elena makes sweet for Annaro

Nimki Mukhiya 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Annaro says enough. This is more than enough. Sweeti says to Nimki amma really likes mango kheer. elena says we will make it for her. Nimki says i am so excited. Sweeti says what if she gets more mad. elean says I am so cute she wont be mad at me. Nimki says we are doing right thing. Sweeti says what if something goes wrong.

Tune says to mono i am very smart. Mono asks him questions. he can’t answer. Mono laughs. Mauha says chachi is not well. Tune says her husband doesn’t live in Calcutta. Mauha says she wont tell us. Abhi says Ram would ask. Mauha says papa called and said Abhi will be dischargeed tomorrow. Tune says thats such a good news. Mauha says his mausi is not well though.

Scene 2
Annaro asks parbatiya what are you cooking? She says mango sweet.

Annaro says for me? She says no for elena. Nimki said. Annaro gets angry. She saays go and do the laundry. She says should I make for you as well? Annaro says i don’t need it. Annaro adds spices in the sweet.
Nimki comes in the kitchen. Annaro hides. Nimki sees her. She says mother in law is making sweet for Elena and hid when I came. So nice. Nimki leaves. Annaaro says is her dad king of this house that she thought parbatia will make sweet for elena.

Annaro comes out. She recalls Nimki coming in the house. She recalls her slapping diamond. Nimki sees her mixing spice in the sweet. She leaves. nimki tries to go in. Parbatiya says dont go in kitchen I made the sweet. Nimki says let me know when you are done. everyone should enjoy this kheer today.
Tettar says the sweet is made? Are guests coming? Parbatiya says this for elena. Hee says its okay we will eat too. Annaro says doctor asked you not to eat sweet. She says parbatiya take it to elena. Elena comes and says mango sweet. Sweeti says amma really likes it elena. Nimki says yes its her favorite. Nimki saays make herr eat. She will be really happy. Tettar says yes make her eat. Annaro says i don’t wanna eat. Babbu says you haven’t eaten in whole day. Elena says nani please eat it. She says you go eat it. Diamond says eat it ma. Babbu says yes ma. Diamond did wrong. nimki says everyone gets angry. Elena should make up for her mistake by making herr eat. Rekha says why don’t you make diamond eat? Diamond says okay bring it. Annaro says stop. Diamond wont eat. Sweeti says why amma she is a child. Babbu says forget it. Make her eat it. Nimki says if you eat mother in law would eat too. Annaro is confused.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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