Nimki Mukhiya 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauha kidnapped

Nimki Mukhiya 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says to Mauha your number is next. I can get you married to my brother in law. Mauha says no I am not interested.
Ram is checking preps. A man says BDO is here since morning taking care of all arrangements. Ram says he is like an angel in my house. Ram comes to Abhi and says we must have a close relation in previous life. Abhi says I am close to you in this life as well. Tunne gets things ready too. Baraat comes.
Abhi says to Tunee keep an eye and record anything that can expose them. Tunee says I have done all the arrangements.

Tunne has his men in the function. The baraat comes outside. Chachi says to Nimki baraat is here. Nimki asks Mono how does he look? Mono says he looks so good. Chachi says lets go and welcome them. Nimki you sit here. Nimki comes out as well. She looks from the window. She says how will I see babbu? Mauha comes to call Nimki. She isn’t in room. Nimki sees her cat and says you are here too. mauha looks for nimki. Suddenly lights go off.

Babbu and his family come out form the car. Tettar says to Amma what are you upto? Mannu says nothing. Tettar says to Ritu keep an eye on him. Mannu’s men have kidnapped Nimki. They open the sheet they says its not Nimki. Its Mauha. They say what to do now. Nimki comes out and sees the baraat.
Ram and his family welcome him. Mauha opens her eyes. The thug says what to do now? A man comes in and slaps the thug. He says you stupid.

Tettar enters the venue with his family. He hugs Ram. Ram makes them all wear garlands. Mannu says I came here because of Tettar only. Stay away from me I don’t accept this family. Ritu says some relatives are never happy. Tettar says leave him. Welcome babbu. Chachi says where is Mauha? She will welcome him. Tetar asks Mono says Mauha? Mono says I don’t know. Ram gets a call. Amma says both sisters are same.
The kidnapper says to Ram your daughter Mauha is in our detention. Ram is dazed. He says we have Mauha. Ram says I beg you don’t harm her. He says then do one thing. Ram says tell me what to do. The kidnapper saays stop Nimki’s wedding. This wedding can’t happen or we will kill Mauha. Ram is dazed/

Precap-Ram tells Nimki everything. She is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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