Nimki Mukhiya 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki goes for training with babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 22nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar calls at Ram’s phone. Ram says where is Nimki? Tettar says she is asleep. Everyone knocks at her door but no one opens the door. Rekha says what if she is dead.
Babbu breaks the door. She is asleep inside. Ritu says how can she sleep in this much noise. She has headphones on while sleeping. Amma says don’t touch her. Nimki says good morning. She says why is everyone here. What happened? Are you here to bring me back? Tettar says you had to go to training. sHe says sorry.
Tettar says get ready you have to go for training. She says will I go with babbu? Give me five minutes. They all leave.

Everyone at Ram’s house is worried for nimki.

Ritu says to babbu do you miss her? Amma says what the hell are you saying. Nimki comes out. She sits in the car. Tettar says Abhi is our enemy. Ritu says he insulted babbu. Nimki says I will talk to him how dare he insult babbu. Tettar says lets go. For training you have to go with babbu. Nimki smiles. They leave.

Rekha comes to babbu and says I don’t have any value in this house. She says you have no value in this house. Sweeti says what are you saying. All of our brothers are equally valued. I know dablo is not very successful but at least he loves you. He respects and protects you. Rekha says he never bought me anything. And then your mom. It would have been better that I lived in my mother’s house like you, Sweeti says you don’t know how painful it is. Rekha says you and your husband are having fun here and saying this. She leaves.
Amma says to sweeti I know your pain. You aren’t happy here. Sweeti says you gave nimkki outside room but she still forgot her dad’s room. because she knows that house is her husband’s. My husband owns nothing here.

Nimki comes to training with babbu. Abhi says you are late. You can leave,
Precap-Abhi says who is he? What is he doing here? Babbu says I am nimki’s husband.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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