Nimki Mukhiya 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki breaks Ram

Nimki Mukhiya 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai is miffed in her room, she calls servant, servant says everyone left. Mai asks where is other servant? servant says she has gone for blood inspection, Mai says dont let her come in house now, leave.

Nimki decorates house, she says it will be fun. Dumri comes there and says you have nicely decorated house, Tunee says I have done it, Nimki says Abhi have given these lights to us, Tunee says I dont like him. Ram says I wont spare you if you say anything against Abhi. All start playing with crackers, electricity goes out, Mauha says we will lit diyas, they do, Ram says we will sleep in porch so it wont be too hot.

Abhi decorates room for Elena. Elena asks why did you give lights and crackers to Nimki? Abhi says Ram cant afford it to I gave them. Elena says when Mauha

asked to apply bandage to you, you denied but you let Nimki bandage your wound, Abhi looks on.

At night, all are sleeping in porch. Nimki wakes up and says its so hot here and they are sleeping, she sees Mauha and Mono blabbering in sleep. She says if I dont sleep then I will get dark circles, I have to do something. She takes car keys and leaves.

In morning, Ram says Nimki went to sleep in her room. Mauha asks him to wake up Nimki. Ram calls out to Nimki but they dont hear answer. Mauha comes out of house and sees Nimki sleeping in car. Ram asks her to wake up. Mauha says queen wake up, she wakes up and comes out of car, Nimki says happy Diwali, Mauha says you slept in AC car? we were feeling hot too. Nimki says I coulnt beat heat, person who lives in all conditions, God doesnt give them more than that, Ram hears noise from car, he opens its bonnet. Mauha says battery died, Ram says now I will have to change it. Nimki says we should be sad only diwali.

Tettar’s family is packing gifts. Grandma eats sweets, Sweety says you cant eat it. Tettar comes there and says we are ready so we should go for distribution and go to meet people in our circle. Babbu calls Mai, Mai comes there and says I dont need to go. Jhumri can go. Grandma says Tettar doesnt go without you, Mai says you people went without me for pooja. Babbu asks her to stop it, he says Nimki is behind all that, she is putting camps and all, you have to understand that this is all about our respect, go and get ready.

Tunee comes to Nimki’s room and sees her sleeping, he says you look so nice sleeping. Nimki wakes up, Tunee gives her diwali gift, its selfie stick. Nahar comes there. Nimki makes him sit down and wishes them diwali. Nimki says car broke down, Ram is worried, there was no electricity so I slept in AC car, Tunee says electricity will comeback, Nimki says its diwali and people are not getting light. Nahar says you can announce that you will bring light when you become head. Nimki says not later, we can start generator for village as its diwali today, Nahar says have you gone mad? its expansive.

At night, Nimki says priest is not here, he must have gone to Tettar’s palace. Ram says let me call him.
Priest is starting pooja in Tettar’s house, he gets Ram’s call and says yes Ram it will take time here, he ends call. All are angry hearing Ram’s name, Diamond says if you take call again then I will beat you to pulp.
Nimki says to Ram that who will do pooja now? Ram says let me find someone, Mono says we cant celebrate diwali without priest. Abhi comes there with Elena and says why not? all are happy to see him. Nimki smiles at him/

PRECAP- Tettar asks Jhumri’s husband to start fire crackers, he silently does. Tettar sees a rocket cracker and finds Jhumri standing in a corner, he points at her so it will hit her but rocket gets fired towards Tettar’s family women, they all try to dodge it but its about to hit grandma. Ritu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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