Nimki Mukhiya 20th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki waits for her groom Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 20th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dublo calls Abhi and says this marriage cant happen, there is a secret behind it. Tettar takes phone from dublo and cuts call, he grabs Dublo and asks to bring gun, Dublo says I wont let this marriage happen, I will go to village and tell truth to everyone, Dayya tries to grab Dublo but Dublo tries to run.. Tettar hits him on head with pot, Dublo faints, family tries to rush to him but Tettar shouts to not come near him, he didnt die. Babbu says there was no need to hit him, Tettar says this is not drama, he says to Mai that you keep making your sons against me, are you all fools? Babbu says Dublo’s head is bleeding, Tettar says let him be, its time for marriage, he asks servants to take Dublo away, they do. Tettar asks Ritu to handle everything. Ritu says Dublo should remain

unconscious till wedding happens,Tettar asks Dayya to keep Dublo here.

Abhi says who must have called from there? did someone from Tettar’s family called me? no it cant be, he calls again but no one picks up. Abhi comes to Ram’s house and sees Tunee sad, he says you are not happy with this marriage?Tunee says you are not happy too, you try to act but tell me truly if this is all right? Abhi says Nimki likes Babbu. Tunee says Nimki is naive, she never understood my.. I mean emotions. Abhi says you like her? Tunee says you know Tettar and Babbu are not nice, this marriage is not nice. Abhi says I tried to stop this wedding but Nimki asked me to not involve in her personal life but you can help me to stop this wedding, Tunee says I promise to help you, Abhi says promise. Nimki comes there dressed as bride and says what promises are you both making? they say nothing and turns to leave. Nimkki says stop, tell me how is my makeup and everything? Tunee says its great. Nimki says you people have no manners, you didnt praise me, tell me how I am looking? Abhi and Tunee blushes. Tunee says you are looking like movie heroine. Abhi says you are glowing like moon, Tunee says you are looking very nice, Abhi says always smile like that, it seems like rose smiling, your eyes are glowing with happiness. Nimki acts like fainting being flattered.

Grandma blesses Babbu before leaving for baraat. Rekha says Dublo will not go with us? Tettar says you are wearing old necklace? go wear Mai’s necklace, Rekha gets happy and goes to change it. Mai says you gave her necklace to silent her, Sweety says but Dublo is elder brother and its marriage, Ritu says this is just a show, seems like he missed the play, Mai says when this play turns on us then we all be in danger. Babbu says lets go, Diamond says Babbu is eager to get married, Tettar asks Mannu to not do any drama there, Tettar says to grandma to sit near Babbu, Rekha comes there wearing Mai’s necklace and says we can say Dublo fell ill. Tettar hugs Babbu and family leaves.

Dublo is tied in his room, he hears barat leaving and tries to break free, he prays that God save Nimki from this hell of a marriage.

dumri is setting Nimki’s hairstyle, nimki says dont destroy my makeup, you want Babbu to leave me? I know he cant leave me, he fell for me. Mauha says barat left to come here. Nimki does her lipstick again and says now I am looking nice. Mauha drapes her in dupatta and says you are looking like bride now, Nimki makes her wear dupatta and says after me you will get married, I can ask Babbu to get to married with his younger son, Mauha makes face, Nimki laughs.

PRECAP- Nimki is left alone in house. She looks around and says all left?
kidnappers come in Nimki’s house and whispers that we will kidnap Nimki as soon as she comes out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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