Nimki Mukhiya 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu comes to pick up Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai says to Tettar that Abhi destroyed everything, we brought that girl in this house to make Babbu head but that Abhi destroyed everything. Tettar asks her to shut up. Babbu says we have to think how to bring Abhi on line. Tettar says we cant lose this chance, its not time to fight with Abhi, we have to jump long, Mai says what you mean? Tettar tells Babbu some idea which is muted.

Nimki is leaving house, Ram says we are not throwing you out of house. Nimki says you people keep asking when I will leave, this is not my house anymore, Bua says you are his favorite daughter. Nimki says my father is not my father anymore, I am leaving. Muaha asks her to stop it. Ram says they are big people, we cant miff them thats why I was asking you to leave. Mauha says Ram you can go with

her and say sorry to Mai. Nimki says no I wont go in Ram’s car. I am leaving. She turns to leave and falls in someone’s arms, she turns to see its Babbu, she smiles at him, all are happy to see him. Mono says brother in law? Ram says you here? all greet him. Babbu says I came to pick Nimki. Nimki says I knew you would come, she is still in Babbu’s arms and asks Mono to take picture, he does, Babbu drops Nimki, she falls down. Mauha asks him to come inside, Nimki asks Babbu to pick her up, he holds her hand and brings her up, she blushes at him, all laugh. Nimki says to family that I knew my husband would come. Ram says have some tea. Babbu says no I have some work, come Nimki. Nimki laughs and whispers you want some alone time with me? I will go and wear something matching to you, she leaves. Ram asks Babbu to sit down, he is tensed.

Scene 2
Mai is waiting for Babbu, Mai says to grandma says he has gone to village, when he will comeback? Tettar says he is not a kid, he will comeback, you keep thinking like mother in law, I want to give you big position, stop small fights over soap and oil. Mai says I dont want Nimki’s shadow on this house. Ritu says Nimki is going for training so you dont have to worry. Tettar says Babbu will go with her. Mai says Babbu wont go with her, Ritu says Abhi can teach anything to Nimki so Babbu have to go with her daily. Mai says Babbu doesnt have to go with her, Tettar says this woman never understands.

Babbu and Dayya are waiting for Nimki outside house. Babbu says I cant sit inside house, they were asking to eat something. Villagers see Babbu there and whisper that Babbu have started coming here, he doesnt have any ego. Nimki comes out wearing matching saree. Mauha says Nimki we will send your remaining clothes. Nimki says Dayya will bring it. Nimki comes to Babbu and holds his hand, she brings him to villagers and says you people doubted he wouldnt come to pick me and see now, I am head of village and Babbu’s wife too. Dayya asks Babbu to leave fast. Babbu says lets go, we have to go to collector office. Nimki says to family that dont worry about me, I am married and Babbu can take care of me. Babbu and Dayya sits in front seats of jeep. Nimki says to Dayya that excuse me, I will sit infront. Dayya says whole viallage is seeing thats why. Nimki sits in back. Tunee comes there and says Nimki I brought movie tickets and you are going? they will be useless. Nimki says no it wont, she takes tickets. Nimki says me and Babbu will watch it, our valentine is remaining, Nimki says I am going, dont cry now, I am leaving, Babbu starts car and drives away, all are sad to see Nimki go.
Nimki says to Babbu that I knew you would come to pick me up, you had to. Dayya says he came because Tettar ordered otherwise he wouldnt, Nimki is stunned.

PRECAP- Tettar says to Ritu that Nimki didnt wake up, she has to reach training centre at 9AM. Tettar knocks on Nimki’s room door and shouts Nimki. Tettar calls Ram and says we are knocking on Nimki’s door but she is still sleeping, Ram says she used to sleep till 10-11AM. Tettar says what?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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