Nimki Mukhiya 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweeti’s operation successful

Nimki Mukhiya 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu and Tettar take babbu out of the hospital. Ritu says you will be jailed if she gets killed. Babu says I will live in jail but i wont let her marry BDO. He shouts at people go from here. Tune says he has lost it. Abhi tries to make Elena sleep. she says papa are you scared too? I am fine. is sweeti okay? Abhi breaks down all the decorations from the bed. He sits down in anger. Mausi cries outside. Abhi says please don’t cry. she hugs him. Mausi says I never thought this would happen. I was so happy. Abhi says tettar and Babbu should be killed. Mausi says please calm down. Anger made them monsters. We should keep our calm. Nimki and Sweeti need you. Elena says papa never be like babbu. He is animal. You are my papa. Abhi hugs her.

Doctor comes out. He says her life

is out of danger. She should be under observation. Nimki calls Abhi and tells him. he says i am coming. Nimki says how is Elena? he says she is asleep.
Doctor tells Tettar and Babbu outside. he says sign on these papers. Ritu says I am her husband, I will sign. Nimki takes the paper and says he isn’t her husband. Tettar says shut up. I am her father. Nimki says no Babbu you have lost this right. They are just her attackers. They are nothing to her.
The shooter wont sign. The one who brought her here would sign. She signs it an says it has nimki mukhiya’s sign. Ritu says we should go. Babbu looks at Nimki and says you.. Your punishment is left for defaming my family like this. Nimki says your too.

Annaro comes to Sweeti’s room and sees her stuff. Annaro recalls how Sweeti disowned them. Dablo says are you looking for her corpse now? it is in the hospital. Annaro says shut up. HE says why? you asked him to shoot her. Is this what you planned for her? She didn’t deserve this. You made babbu a sinner a murderer too. You made a brother shoot his sister. If she dies you will lose a son and a daughter. Annaro says Babu will go to jail for his life. Annaro says no this wont happen. Dablo says pray for Sweeti if you want to save Babbu. He leaves. Annaro sits down crying.

Nimki looks at Sweeti. She says she was my only friend in the haveli. Tune says it your time to help her now. He says let me bring tea for you. Nimkii recalls convincing Sweeti. Nimki sees Babbu saying I did what was right. Tune says they are disgusting. Nimki say stay near Sweeti’s room. They can’t enter her room. I will even kill them if I have to I am coming. Babbu will pay for his sin.
Precap-Abhi says where is Nimki? Nimki comes with police. she says they will arrest Babbu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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